Dear Members:

We need your help in spreading the word to all of your teammates and fellow racers about the importance of how we conduct ourselves in Central Park – whether we are racing, training or just riding.  Most members are doing the right thing, but we know it only takes one moment of bad judgment from one member to cause major problems for all of us in Central Park.

Any time the Board receives reports of CRCA members acting in violation of our Code of Conduct, we promptly investigate to confirm the identity of members in question and the circumstances of the violation.

We generally view suspensions as harsh, infrequent penalties.  However, given the scrutiny placed on CRCA, other clubs and cyclists in general in the recent past, and with our ability to hold future park races at stake, we believe serious enforcement action is warranted.  Individual members will be held accountable for violations of the Code of Conduct, which could jeopardized everyone’s privilege of racing in the park.  We hope this will serve as a deterrent against future violations, and show third parties that the Club recognizes the importance of putting the safety of others first and adhering to established rules.

As the weather gets warmer, the park will become increasingly busy.  Please remember that, for better and for worse, we are an extraordinarily visible and identifiable group, and therefore, each of us serves as an ambassador for the group.

Please become familiar with the following rules (which as CRCA members, you have agreed to comply with):

– Code of Conduct

– Dept. of Parks Rules for Racing in Central Park

– Central Park Protocol 

We have to share Central Park with everyone else.   So with that in mind, please be attentive and courteous to other park users in every circumstance.

Thank you for your help in this group effort.

~CRCA Board