CRCA riders led the nation in 4 categories in the USACycling road race rankings for 2009. Evelyn Stevens led all Cat 1 women. David Taylor is the top Cat 2 man in the nation, Fabienne Gerard is the top Cat 3 women and Xieyue (Pan Pan) Fan is the top Cat 4 women.

To have the top women in the nation in 3 out of 4 categories shows how strong women’s racing is in the CRCA. We probably have the best women’s racing program in the country, both in quality and numbers of riders.

Peter Hurst topped the club’s Cat 1 men, Kevin Brubaker the Cat 3’s and Chris Leong the Cat 4’s. Ashley Prine was the top Cat 2 women.

Among teams, Empire was the strongest Cat 1 team. Jonathan Adler led the Cat 2 teams as Kyle Peppo fininhed in the top 3 in the state and 11th in the country. Blue Ribbon was also very strong with David Taylor and Mark Alden.

Among the women, Comedy Central’s newcomer, Andrea Myers, had a strong Cat 1 season as she finished second among club riders, just ahead of Ann Marie Miller of Sanchez Houlihan-Lokey.

Radical Media had the top Cat 2 women, including newcomers Donna McMahon and Dara Kiese. Radical Media, Teany and Sanchez Metro all had strong contingent’s in Cat 3/4 open racing.

CRCA leaders in USCF Road Race Rankings for 2009

The USCF rankings are not perfect. The weighting of races does not always measure the toughness of fields and courses. But it is the best measurement for performance in open races that we have.

Races are graded according to the largest payout for a field.
For example the Spring Bear race is a Class C race because the Cat 1 field gets $2500. Battenkill and Jiminy Peak are Class D races because all prizes are under $2,000. State Championships also get extra points, often out of proportion to the quality of the race.