Relatively small fields showed up for today’s points race with a W98th street sprint & finish and Jim Boyd Bonus.  The racing was as competitive as always on a dry course.

In the A field, Evan Murphy came out strong to take the first sprint, but that only seemed to stir the hornet’s nest and Foundation hit back hard on the second sprint taking all the points.  With 4 laps to go a break had formed which stayed away until the second to last lap. Until then, each time around Euris Vidal (Foundation) took top points in the break, while David Taylor (Eumaeus Asset Magmt – Fuoricloasse) and Chad Butts (enduranceWerx) got second and third place.  In the final sprint Rafael Meran (Foundation) took first, followed by Vidal and Butts. After all the points were tallied, Vidal took 1st (38 points) ahead of Butts (16 points) and Murphy (12 points).

The Women’s points race was also hotly contested with the field hitting the sprint point together on each lap. Danielle Kosecki (Asphalt Green Cycling Team) worked hard all race and placed in every sprint except one (in which she finished fourth).  Kristin Lotito (Houlihan Lokey) also placed in all but one of the sprints, and  the two headed for a show down in the final sprint.  Unfortunately, after being passed by the Men’s A field, the Women picked up speed again and caught the back of the A field in the final sprint, causing confusion in the field.  The Chief Referee determined that the final sprint was not fairly contested, and no points were recorded for the final sprint.  In the final count, Kosecki placed higher in the second to last sprint and placed first in the sprint one more time than Lotito, thus being declared the winner according to USAC rules.  In third place was Fabienne Garard (Eumaeus Asset Magmt – Fuoricloasse)

Underlying the Men’s B race was the close battle in the Team Cup between Foundation and Siggi’s. In the first sprint Stefan Singer (Siggi’s/NYVelocity) had the edge over Efrain Molina (Foundation).  The video replay showed third place going to Matt Wilpers winking at the camera suggesting he had good legs today.  Andy Shen (BH/Comedy Central) took the second sprint from Molina, but then the Wilpers show started and he won 3 of the next 4 sprints (2nd in the other) to steal the day from both Foundation and Siggi’s.  Singer piked up some more points to seal 2nd place.  Stephen Chang (CycleLifeUSA/GF Capital) took third after finishing second in the final sprint.

The C field was a scratch race won by Ethan Pond.  Second was Armand Wilhelm and third was David Moss (Siggi’s/NYVelocity).

Full results are here and individual sprint point calculations are here.

Updated Jim Boyd competition standings are here

Updated Team Cup competition standings are here.

And tomorrow is the Club Championship races (A & W field), a B club race and a Women’s Category 4 open race.  Arrive early to guarantee your spot in the A and B fields.