All candidates have been given the opportunity to submit statements about why they are running for office. This year we have a disputed contest for president. The candidate statements follow.

Dave Jordan
Gabby Fisher
Rod Millot

Dave Jordan – President

I have been involved in cycling and racing for 30 years, starting with BMX. I have been a member of CRCA since 1987 (when Lou Maltese did in fact run the club races from the trunk of his car!).

I was on the Board as VP of Rider Development (when John Eustice was President). I am a USAC Level 2 Coach and (still) have a Category 1 Road license.

I have a sub-team for developing cat.4,5s and expert/elite cat1,2,3 riders, both Men and Women, in the Club.

I lead training rides for the Club, my Team, as well as privately train cyclists, triathletes and runners every day of the week, all year long.

I know what we face in order to use Central Park and the racing community at large.

I intend to continue the current BoD’s work, by maintaining the best possible relationship with the Parks Department and the Central Park Conservancy, improve rider skills and safety for all members with coaching sessions and frequent clinics, promote junior, women’s, and elite racer opportunities in all cycling disciplines.

I will work for the membership and with the BoD so that our events run smoothly, safely and in balance with all park participants. As well, I will reach out to other cycling clubs (racing and enthusiast), and triathlon and running groups, to make sure we all thrive with access to training and racing venues, and local community support to make sure we have safe roads to use for riding, like Transportation Alternatives and local Police Departments on the roads we frequent most.

Thanks for taking the time to participate in the process and your consideration!!!

Gabby Fisher – President

I have been involved with the CRCA since 2007 both as an active member and, in 2010, as the Director of Open Racing, where I had the opportunity to organize and direct the CRCA open races.

The CRCA has been successful in the past couple of years in terms of increasing membership and growing steadily, and the challenges we face include maintaining safety and continuing to preserve our presence in Central Park along with the general upward trend of park user numbers. That said, my goals for the year include the following:

Maintain a strong presence promoting safe cycling throughout NYC by establishing connections with local cycling activist groups as well as other local racing and recreational cycling organizations
Continue to preserve a collaborative partnership through stewardship and awareness with the Central Park Conservancy and its constituents
Establish a formalized outreach and training program to attract and develop junior racers and new women racers
Identify opportunities to provide coaching during CRCA park races in order to ensure a safe racing environment, in addition to the ongoing CRCA member training menu
Build the club brand by providing opportunities for members to socialize and interact on and off the bike, and leverage our member base for networking opportunities

My professional background is in management consulting, specifically engagements focusing on project management, change management and process consulting within both the corporate and not-for-profit industries. In addition to being able to leverage this experience, having served on the Board this past year I have a good sense of the other Board roles and deliverables and can help to provide guidance/direction as needed.

I would welcome the chance to provide leadership and direction for the CRCA by promoting a collaborative work environment for the Board and a strong focus on safety and fun for the 2011 race season.

Rod Millot – Secretary

I am relatively new to the sport of cycling and I quickly realized that the success of the sport, and our club, is highly dependent on the hard work of a relatively few members. The activities of the Board is critical to our continued success and I am the sort of person who likes to get involved. I serve in various leadership positions in my professional life and through my involvement with a non-profit organization. I believe this experience will be valuable to the CRCA Board in 2011 in my role as Secretary.

I believe some of the critical issues for the Board in 2011 will be: the continued safety of our races; Park’s Department and community relations; improved communications with members; encouraging more new women and junior members; and increasing participation at our open races.

I plan to work hard collaboratively with the other members of the Board to continue to provide all members with a quality, safe and enjoyable racing environment.