CRCA Board Meeting Minutes
May 27, 2015 at 7:15 PM
300 E. 85th St.

Present: Liz Marcello (president), Tomi Ketcham, Lisa Vandivort, Lucia Deng (by phone for first part), Ann Marie Miller, Randy Locklair, Matthew Vandivort, Ken, Edwards, Joe Grgic, and David Carr (secretary). Absent (because of sickness) Alexis Kraft.

Items discussed and voted

1) Brief OB/Bear recap, lessons learned: Joe/Matt/Liz

Overall, great feedback and successful! Things to think about for future-

Social media very successful (thanks to Randy and Lisa!), but might want to assign next year to a non-board member volunteer
Work on more signage and other directions to make course clear
If possible, more sweeps in advance of fields (police or cars)
Possibly more water bottles for feed zone, depending on registration (ran out at end of race)

2) Membership check-in: Randy/Ken/Matt

Overall numbers are looking steady to good, with significant increase in new members, and slight increase over year-to-date overall membership numbers last year.

Randy is working on several options for more social events, and Liz is working with a club member on staging some CRCA happy hours

3) Open racing updates
a) DJ CPC update: Joe/Matt/Liz – things are on track
b) Remaining open races: Joe/Matt/Liz – board was updated on plans for late summer races

4) Quick Clinic Check-in: Lucia/Alexis/Ann Marie
Lucia updated the board on preparations for the 2nd Intro. to Racing Info Clinic, scheduled for 7-9 PM on Monday, June 16 at the Rapha Cycle Club. Registration is good so far, and board members are encouraged to join.

5) Clarification of rule about non-affiliated riders wearing old sub-team kit?

Several complaints have been made about racers on former CRCA teams racing together in old subteam kit. In this way they form a functional team, while not having to follow CRCA subteam rules or do team duty for the club. For now, if the board receives complaints about specific riders racing together in old subteam kit, Alexis (with David’s help as needed) will communicate with these racers about the need to formalize their team relationship with the club.

6) Question of clarification about the CRCA club doping ban

Previously, the club did not allow members convicted of doping to rejoin the club until twice the time of their USADA doping suspension. At this meeting the board voted, starting in the 2016 racing season, to ban all racers who had been convicted of doping permanently from CRCA club membership.

7) Other CRCA to-dos:
– The board discussed the possibility of an early Fall open board/town hall-style meeting, just before nominations and election of new board members. For further discussion.
– The board supported Liz Marcello’s collaboration with NYCC on bike access to the George Washington Bridge but requested more information before the Club moves to make any public or official statements on the topic

-Liz is exploring ideas to set up a restricted fund in collaboration with the NYC Parks Department to be managed by the Club for the purpose of patching roads/potholes in NYC Parks that the Club uses for events. This will directly serve the Club’s mission but also has an added public service component. More updates will be provided following a few meetings that Liz has scheduled over the next few months.

-Joe suggested working with Liz Campbell (regional moto coordinator) to hold advanced moto training courses for NYC area moto pacers. Joe will explore this possibility in more detail and report back at the next meeting.