*Note – start time for Sunday’s race has been moved to 6:40 am from 6:50 am.*

NYTri is holding a duathlon in Central Park that starts at 7:30am.  As a result, during our race there will more park users than normal, including runners and cyclists competing in the event.  Please be especially aware of others on the roadways during your race, communicate with other racers in your field and pass safely.

After the trial of an additional field at the first club race of the season, the Board elected to continue with the experiment of this additional field.  Therefore there will be a Master’s 45+ field (Cat 1-4) again at this week’s race which starts at 6:40am sharp.  We will not hold up the start for riders who have not completed registration.  Riders should assemble at the start in field order (see below) ready for the pre-race briefing at 6:35 am.

In order to reduce the likelihood of fields passing each other, the starting order for this week’s race (Tavern Finish) will be:

  • A field (5.8 laps)
  • B field (4.8 laps) (2 minute gap to A field)
  • C field (3.8 laps) (2 minute gap to B field)
  • M45+ field (4.8 laps)  (1 minute gap to C field)
  • W field (3.8 laps)  (2 minute gap to M45 field)

Based on the average laps times at the last race, this should result in the M45+ passing the C field on the first or second lap, and the Women’s field being passed by the A field on the women’s 2nd lap.

All riders are reminded that when being passed, the slower riders are neutralized.  This means the slower riders need cease active racing – no attacks and riders should hold their position relative to other riders in their group.  In circumstances where substantially all of the riders in a particular field are together, the moto may reduce the speed of the slower group to assist with a quick passing by the field from behind.

We aim to space fields such that no passing will occur in the last lap of any field’s race.  But this is based on assumed lap times.  To ensure a safe and fair finish, no passing is allowed to commence in the last 2 miles of the slower field’s race.  For this week’s race that point is W100th street (Park entrance immediately after the 103rd Street cutoff).

If you have any questions, or comments, please contact president[at]crca.net