[Updated with new nominations, October 21]

Dear CRCA Members,

It’s election time again — that is, time to elect next year’s CRCA Board of Directors. For now, we need to ensure that we have nominees for all Board positions. We will then conduct elections next month. From the current (2008) 11-member board, 4 will be departing, 4 will be running again for the same spot as this year, and 3 will be running for a new position. Any club member can be nominated (including by him- or herself) for any of the eleven Board positions.

The current status of nominations is listed below. More information about the responsibilities of each position is available in Article III, Section 5 of the CRCA By-laws, which you can access here: http://archive.crca.net/about/by-laws/.

Current Nominees

  • President — Mike Green (presently 2008 Director of Open Racing)
  • VP for Rider Development — Ken Harris (presently 2008 President)
  • VP for Racing — David Taylor (presently 2008 VP for Racing)
  • Communications Director (Newsletter Editor) — Steve Donaldson
  • Treasurer — Wendy Nickerson (presently 2008 Marshal Director)
  • Public Relations Director — Greg Ventresca
  • Secretary — Martha Lees (presently 2008 Secretary)
  • Membership Director — Chris Forsyth (presently 2008 Membership Director)
  • Marshal Director — Sonny Bindra
  • Director of Teams — Douglas von Bushberger (presently 2008 Director of Teams)
  • Director of Open Racing — Noah Gellner

If you would like to nominate yourself or someone else for a Board position, please e-mail me your candidate’s name and the position for which you are nominating. The last day for nominations is October 31. Thank you.

Martha Lees
CRCA Secretary 2008