The Board is calling for nominations for the 2013 Board.  If you are interested in serving the club in this way, please review the Board positions which are outlined in Article III of the By-Laws here and identify the position you would like to stand for.  All positions are open and subject to a vote by the members.

If you wish to discuss the time commitment or any other aspects of servicing on the board, please feel free to contact any of the current members of the Board.

Nominations for any position must be seconded by another member of the club and sent tosecretary[at]

We are also seeking three club members (who cannot be standing for a Board position) to serve on the Election Committee.  The Election Committee is responsible for overseeing the election process to ensure a fair process is followed.

Nominations will be received until at least September 23th.  At the end of the nomination period, members will be asked to vote.  We intend to use the same electronic voting service used last year and voting will take place over an approximate two week period.

Once elected, members of the newly elected 2013 Board will work with the 2012 Board in November and December to begin planning for 2013 and to ensure a smooth transition as needed.