Because of USCF rules and the addition of a Men’s Clinic, we have made changes to the formats for races on August 8 and August 15.

The Master’s Championship is on August 8. There will also be a B, a C and a Women’s 3/4 race. Originally a B/C race and a W/1/2 race were scheduled. Because there is a USCF limit of 75 riders in a race including Cat 5 riders we have made separate B and C fields. Cat 1/2 women can choose to do any race except the Women’s 3/4 race. Cat 3 women can choose to do any race. The B race is the only race that counts for Team and Boyd points.

On August 15 there will be an A,B,W and Men’s Clinic. Newer C riders can do the men’s clinic and there is also a Cat 5 race at Prospect that morning.