Today’s Met Finish Scratch race was held under perfect conditions.  The Ambulance was on time, the course set up on time, and the races got away more or less on time with the A field completing 8 laps, B field 7 laps,  Women 6 laps and the C field 5 laps.

In the A field, Gabriel Acaba ( – Leopard won from Adam Alexander (Foundation) and Ariel Mendez (Jonathan Adler Racing).  Ariel’s third place was enough to stay at the top of the Jim Boyd Cup Competition, but the group behind him is growing as Gabriel moved up to equal third place.   The next club race on July 24th is a crucial Boyd Bonus Day that could see any of the top contenders move into top place.

In the A Field Team Cup Competition; things are getting interesting…. Foundation fought back a little, and now with the results reflecting the Top 8 results only (in accordance with the Team Cup Rules), there is just two points separating Jonathan Adler in first place from Foundation in second place.   But – Leopard (such a mouthful, can I call you “L-Raphael” for short?) has been placing well in the last few races and is now only twenty points behind – which is less than it sounds as they have more scores of zero to drop from the top 8 results compared to Foundation.

The B Field race started at a leisurely pace for the first three laps until a breakaway containing both a Velocity and Foundation rider got free.  Setanta also bridged up.  With hoards of NYVelocity and Foundation riders sitting up the front preventing anyone from organizing a chase, it looked like that was the day.  But the break split itself and when Foundation was left without a rider in the group of three, they got organized up front and successfully chased down the break with a lap to go.  In the field sprint, Josh Sakofsky (Siggi’s/NYVelocity) emulated rival and second placed John Blake (Foundation)  to win his first race in the B field.  Nathan Brauer (Foundation) took third place by a small margin over a faster finishing Graham Macbeth (Setnanta) in fourth.  The results pretty much left the Jim Boyd Cup standings as they were, but saw Macbeth move up to third place and John Blake move up to fifth.

In the B Field Team Cup Competition, Foundation stretched its lead slightly over Siggi’s/NYVelocity.  While its definitely a two-horse race at this stage, it definitely is setting up for an end of season Team Cup Finale showdown.

The Women’s Field saw the usual suspects, Lotito/Gerard/Miller and Miller fight it out for the top four spots.  In fact, every race this season has been won by one of these three.  Today’s Kristin Lotito (Houlihan-Lokey/Sanchez) lead Fabienne Gerard (Fuoriclasse/Discover Chiropractic), Raquel Miller (Houlihan-Lokey/Sanchez) and Ann Marie Miller (Fuoriclasse/Discover Chiropractic).  The Jim Boyd Competition is currently in exactly the same order, with the Millers tied for third place.

In the Women’s Team Cup Competition, Houlihan-Lokey/Sanchez remains well ahead of Fuoriclasse/Discover Chiropractic.  The NYVelocity Women’s Racing Team has been showing consistent placings that leaves them in contention for a second place finish if they can get their riders up amongst the top four.

In the Men’s C field race, Mark Halpin (NYAC) took the win over Kenneth Ingersoll and Efrain Molina.

Full results are posted here.

Team Cup standings are posted here.

Jim Boyd standings are posted here.

Next club race is July 24th with a Tavern Finish.  If you are looking for an open race before then, check here.