Great weather and a lack of other local races resulted in great turnout for the club’s fifth race of the season and the first “Tavern” finish for the year.

In the A field, the large field size made it difficult for any groups to get away.  After 6.75 laps the field sprint was taken by Adam Alexander (Foundation) followed by Evan Murphy (BH/Comedy Central) and Zach Koop (Blue Ribbon – Translations).  However, it was subsequently identified that a Foundation member participated in the race without registering, and after the field was already closed due to the field limit being reached.  Among other issues this raises, unregistered riders participating in the race creates potential liability issues for the club.  The Board subsequently decided that all Foundation riders in the A field would be relegated and therefore earn no team or Jim Boyd points.  In addition, the offender member has been suspended until after the next club race.

In the Women’s field, which was also determined in a field sprint, Raquel Miller (Houlihan Lokey) took the win over Lisa Kennish (Asphalt Green) and Sarah Sauvayre (BH/Comedy Central).

In the B field, Josh Sakofsky (Siggi’s/NYVelocity) took another win, beating out Efrain Molina (Foundation) and James Nord (Rapha Racing).

In the C field, Bobby Kennedy had the biggest margin of the day in easily winning teh field sprint from Cedrick Grousse (Siggi’s/NYVelocity) and Andrew Mahon (W&D Racing-NYC Velo), sporting the finally arrived new uniform….

“Full” results are available here (to about 40th place. C field, to discourage sprinting for 10th place, riders after the top 7 or 8 will be shown as DNP – Did not place)

The updated Team Cup Standings are here

The updated Jim Boyd Standings are here

Finish line video below: