CRCA Board Meeting-Minutes

Date: February 6, 2013, 7:30 pm
Location: 437 Madison (btw 49th & 50th)

In attendance: Zak Abdullah, Lucia Deng, Rob Duncker, Rod Millott, Gina Rocco, Rob Weitzner, Scot Willingham, Matthew Vandivort, Harry Zernike


  1. Open Race Update
  • Orchard Beach:

Permits have been approved for May 5.

Alan Atwood unavailable to run results. Need to find an alternative.

This year’s permit is for the full day (7-5pm), allowing for more races than last year’s event.

Registration fee will remain the same.

Still seeking sponsorship for the event.

Will run spectator events: children’s race, Big Wheels race

  • Central Park Classic

This year will be the David Jordan Classic.

Date will be June 1, 2013.

Dave Jordan’s sister has been involved is seeking sponsorship.

Board would like to make this a full day event. Board is currently looking into if it could be a possible.

  • Alpine Hill Climb

Board has received approval from the Park’s Department.

Still waiting for approval from the Police department.

  • Club Time Trial

Date set for June 9, 2013.

Considering holding it in Westwood, New Jersey.

There will be no time trial at Floyd Bennett Field this year.

  • Floyd Bennett Field Road Race

Will be held.

Date still remains to be established

  • Masters Throwdown

Date will be held August 24, 2013.

There will be an additional women’s field this year.

  1. Membership/Team Update
  • Number of members has increased from last year at this time.
  • Number of Donor and Dinosaur members has decreased.
  • Increased number of new members.
  • Board expects membership to increase before the February 15th fee increase.
  • Race numbers will be distributed at Third and Long on February 20th, 2013. Otherwise they will be mailed out on February 21st.
  • New teams have been added to the CRCA: Team Velo Origin and Empire Tri

First Race Readiness

  • Logistics are set: 9 motos confirmed, ambulance paid, park’s contract signed
  • New radios to be purchased for use by the motos and a few marshals.
  • Managing the fifth field

-Board is concerned about the number of times the women’s field will be passed as well as fields passing during/close to a finish. To circumvent this situation, motos will be instructed that no field should be passed in the last half lap, never on a downhill, and no passing in Southeast end of the park, prior to the carousel.
-Fields will still be run in the following order:
W-1 min- A- 2 min – M- 3 min-B -2 min- C
–   New markings
Everything outside jogger’s lane will remain in bounds.
Racers need to recognize that recreational cyclists are not allowed to ride in the jogger’s lane and will need to remain in the bike lane. Board will communicate this to its members. Marshals should be instructed to do their best to direct rec. riders to the leftmost part of the lane, while racers pass them on the right.