As previously announced, the Board is recommending that the Association amend it’s By-Laws.  We received comments and suggestions from a number of members, and responses were provided to all.  As well as as some minor errors that were corrected, Article II section 6 was amended to include a requirement that the Board of Directors act “in good faith” when making their determination of whether a member has brought the Association into disrepute.

Members should also take note of the other proposed changes to the By-Laws, which update the By-laws to reflect our current use of electronic means of communication, and update certain Board and membership governance matters.

Voting is being conducted on-line using “BallotBin”.  Each member will receive an email to their membership email address.  Please check your spam filter to ensure you receive your personalized email which allows you to vote.

Voting will remain open until August 14th, but may be extended if insufficient votes are received by that time.

To view the final proposed By-laws, click here which includes a link to the ‘marked’ version.

If you have any questions about voting, please contact Rod Millott at secretary[at]