Stage 3

In what many would say is the toughest stage of the race, Sam Morkal-Williams from the CRCA Junior Development team went on a brave solo effort after the first 8 miles and stayed away to take the win by about a minute.  That was also enough to get him the King of the Mountains Jersey and move him up to 5th in GC.  Congratulations Sam and to Ken Harris who has been coaching Sam on his impressive performance.

Men’s P/1/2
Mike Margarite (Stan’s No Tubes/AXA) got away in the break of the day getting as much as 8 minutes on the yellow jersey.  Ending up in a group of 3, Mike finished 2nd on the stage and moved into 2nd in overall GC and captured 2nd place in the King of the Mountains competition.

Men’s 3
Ben Noble (Houlihan-Lokey/Sanchez) finished 10th on the final stage and 5th on overall GC.

The Houlihan-Lokey/Sanchez team won the team competition.

Women’s 4
MacKenzie Landers (Siggi’s/NYVelocity) Katherin Amos (Houlihan-Lokey/Sanchez) finished 3rd and 4th respectively. In GC, MacKenzie finished 4th and Latherin 8th.

Men’s 4 Group A
In a CRCA dominated field…
2. Richard Scudney (Asphalt Green Cycling Team)
3. Alexi Zakharov (Siggi’s/NYVelovity)
4. David Trumpf (FGX Racing)
7. Eric Sutherland
8. Breogan Alvarez (FGX Racing) 8th
9. Corey Morenz (Siggi’s/NYVelocity)
10. Anthony Mazzella

In the GC:
2. Eric Sutherland
3. Richard Scudney (Asphalt Green Cycling Team)
5. David Trumpf (FGX Racing)
10. Corey Morenz (Siggi’s/NYVelocity)

Richard Scudney also took the King of the Mountain’s competition.

Siggi’s/NYVelocity won the team competition.

Men’s 4 Group B
Warren St. John (Teany Cycling) crossed the line in 3rd place and took 1st on GC.

Also placing on the stage was Jesse Walker (Setanta) in 5th, Harry Zernike (Teany Cycling) in 7th and Brian Sullivan (Setanta) in 8th.

In addition to Warren’s first place in GC, Jesse Walker finished 5th, Harry Zernike finished 6th and Ben Turrell (Eastern Mountain Sports) finished in 10th.

Master 40+
David Taylor (Fuoriclasse/Discover Chiropractic/ finished 2nd, crossing the line with the stage winner and Erin Korff (AXIS) was in 4th just 3 seconds behind. Erin finished 2nd on GC and David 3rd.

Men’s 50+
Al Blanchard (Blue Ribbons/ finished 5th and Eutimio Quintero (Foundation) finished 8th.  In GC, Al was 8th and Eutimio 10th.

Men’s 5 under 35
Oliver Davis finished 10th in both today’s stage and GC


Stage 2 of the Tour of the Catskills included the infamous Devil’s Kitchen climb with inclines of up to 22% that results in large time gaps in every field.  Congratulations to CRCA members with top 10 finishers :

Men’s P/1/2
7. John Minturn (Stan’s No Tubes/AXA)
9. Michael Margarite ( Stan’s No Tubes/AXA)

Women’s P/1/2
8. Fabienne Gerard

8. Sam Morkal-Williams (Junior Development Team)

Men’s 3
5. Ben Noble (Houlihan-Lokey/Sanchez)
8. Daniel Caridi (Teany Cycling)

Women’s 4
9. Mackenzie Landers (Siggi’s/NYVelocity)

Men’s 4 Group A
2. Eric Sutherland (Houlihan-Lokey/Sanchez)
3. Richard Scudney (Ashpault Green Cycling)
6. David Trumpf (FGX Racing)
7. Corey Morenz (Siggi’s/NYVelcoity)
10. Alexi Zakharov (Siggi’s/NYVelcoity))

Men’s 4 Group B
4. Warren St. John (Teany Cycling)
6. Ben Turrell (Eastern Mountain Sports)
7. Jesse Walker (Setanta)
8. Harry Zernike (Teany Cycling)
10. Brian Sullivan (Setanta)

Masters 40+
2. Erin Korff (Axis)
3. David Taylor (Fuoriclasse/Discover Chiropractic)

Masters 50+
9. Al Blanchard (Blue Ribbon –

Cat 5 Under 35
10. Oliver David (Siggi’s/NYVelocity)

Cat 5 45+
4. Russell Bogin

Assault on Devil’s Kitchen 1-day race
6. Micha Ophir (Endurance Werx)
8. Kevin Kline (Foundation)

Full results are here


Stage 1 top 10 finishers in today’s stage 1 12 mile TT

Women’s 1/2/3
10. Fabiene Gerard (Fuoriclasse/Discover Chiropractic)

Juniors 15-18
6. Sam Morkal-Williams (Junior Development Team)

Men’s 3
2. Phil Penman (BH/Garneau)
3. Ben Noble (Houlighan-Lokey/Sanchez)
8. David Anthony (BH/Garneau)
10. Daniel Caridi (Teany Cycling)

Men’s 4 Group A
5. Eric Sutherland (Houlihan-Lokey/Sanchez)
8. Tristan Orford (Siggi’s/NYVelocity)
10. Daviod Trumpf (FGX Racing)

Men’s 4 Group B
1. Rod Millott (Foundation)
2. Ben Turrell (Eastern Mountain Sports)
5. Warren St.John (Teany Cycling)
6. Adel Sarhan (L.Raphael – Leopard

Men’s Masters 40+
3. Erin Korff (Axis)
7. Christofell Prinsloo (FinKraft Cycling Team)
10. David Taylor (Fuoriclasse/Discover Chiropractic)

Full results posted here.