As a club we rely on each other to successfully perform our club activities – whether that be marshaling at a club or open race, running one of our sub-teams, helping our Junior Development Team or running a Women’s introductory clinic.  Each of us has a role we play, and the Board thanks you for doing what you can throughout the season to help the club be successful.

Some members are able to provide additional financial support through donations or donor level membership.  These additional financial contributions help us to perform all our club activities, but especially help with funding for the Junior Development Team, our Coaching sessions and our donations to the Central Park Conservancy.  We have listed those members who have been able to help in this way here and thank them for their support of the club.

If you would like to make an additional contribution to the club or to the Central Park Conservancy, please  login to the Member’s area of the website here , and select ‘make a donation’ from the Membership Links menu.