Dateline Floyd Bennett Field: Ryan Storm took 4th in the Season Opener Floyd Bennett Senior 3/4 race flying the CRCAJrDev colors this Tuesday. Ryan also sent in this missive from last weekend’s Binghamton LAJORS :
“Jr-15-18…I took off right as the first [1.6 mile] lap was coming to an end, and gained 15 seconds on the field. After that however, there was a pursuing group not far behind and after riding 3 laps solo I rode the rest of the race with them.
We dropped a few of these kids along the way….By the last 4 laps it was just three of us.
As the final lap approached one kid attacked and another countered, my legs just wouldnt go, so i waited for one of them to bonk….thank god one did because i was able to take 2nd in the uphill sprint. Finishing 2nd overall!!
Pretty good race….Fast, moderatly tough circuit. 51 degrees, cloudy in the morning, and 60 degrees w/sunny skies by the end of the race.”