Evan Cooper took his second victory in the Category 4 race at Rockleigh on Thursday July 11th. Evan’s second victory came about exactly in the manner his first one did: attacking from a fatigued and diminished lead group with one lap remaining on the 1.2km course. Evan had plenty of time to raise his hands wide.

And Ian Harris “opened his account” at the Friday night Riverhead Series, on Long Island, posting his first career victory in the Senior Cat 4 event. Ian described the win this way: “I was off the front by myself for five laps and coming into the last lap it looked like the field was going to catch me but just as I thought they were coming up I heard the sound of a crash behind me and suddenly my gap was reestablished and I came across the line all alone.” Sounds like one of those video games where you have one massive bomb per game you can throw when you run out of ammunition…Congratulations to Evan and Ian.