To keep our races safe we must make sure that park users know the rules of the road. Some really good signs are the best way to do this.

The park is becoming increasingly crowded. Many park users are not familiar with our races and don’t know to move into the rec lane. By the end of some races, rec cyclists and roller bladers are scattered across the roadway.
Part of the problem is making sure marshals blow their whistles, so everyone knows the race is coming. Another part of the problem is making sure everyone knows what to do.

Last year we made some signs that graphically told park users to get into the rec lane when they hear the whistles. The signs were good except you had to be pretty close to get the message. The club would like help in modifying the design so that it meets specifications for visibility from a few hundred yards. We’re wondering if anyone in the club has or knows someone who has some expertise in highway sign visibility who can help with this project. Contact president[at] if you can help.