Step by Step Guide

1st Print out 15 release forms. Here
So you will have one for every CRCA and CRCA/Open race.

Important Facts
All members must submit a signed USA Cycling rider release form before every club race.
Signing the waiver on race day means you accept that days racing conditions including road and weather conditions.
Failure to bring a release will cost $2 and if the club runs out of them, you will not be allowed to race.

2nd Make sure you have your license and $10 unless you pre paid for all the races.

3rd Helmet, Shoes, and Water Bottles ready.

4th Pin on Number.
First check to find out which side to pin your number.

How do you pin a number?
Race numbers need to be located so officials and cameras can see them.
Make sure your results are counted.
Our camera is at eye level so the number needs to be placed further down on the side. 
A good guide to use is the middle of your jersey’s side panel, the bottom edge of your number should hit this mark.


Racer 111 has a perfect location for our camera.
Folding or crumpling your number makes the number difficult for cameras to capture.

Great pictures on how to place your number.

Great pictures on how NOT to place and pin your number.



Good Luck this season.