Still She Lives!!!
By Paulette Meggoe

It was Friday, July 13th (a year ago this Sunday) that I opened an email that read “a friend no longer with us.” My mind began to race with thoughts of who could this be?? Never ever thinking of a young and sprightly person … it must be one of our older folks. How wrong I was!!!! My mouth dropped open and stayed that way for a minute or two. First shock, then bewilderment and then curiosity at what could have been the cause of such devastating news? Eventually, I was able to jump on the telephone and make some calls to ascertain the facts.

I miss Lee always because she was a dear friend and always a helpful hand whenever and wherever needed. She did not wait to be asked to lend a hand … she always knew when to give a hand!!!! A true lover and enthusiast for the sport of cycling, she lived for weekend races with CRCA in Central Park. Whether she worked the day shift or the night shift at her regular job, she’d be out at 5 am in the park for the races.

The boathouse parking lot exit at the bottom of Cat’s Paw hill is not the same and will never be the same with Lee gone from us. Marshals and racers alike miss her resounding encouragements to climb that hill, or how many seconds the breakaway had on the peloton (even if she was a little off with the time). She knew racers by name and would give personal congratulations on their finishes.

I learned how to make the “marshal count” from Lee … use anybody and everybody that was available!!! If you were just standing around, spectating or waiting for your friend to finish the race you automatically became a marshal. Lee would don a vest on you and place a whistle in your hand because the race must go on.

I know that there is no racing in the park this weekend. But fellow cyclists, racers and non-racers alike, I ask one favor of you for Lee. Let us all with one heart, mind, body and soul acknowledge her memory this weekend when you ride … be it inside or outside of the park.

Peace, love & blessings,