In order to help members identify any license or other issues that would preclude them from participating in a club race, going forward we will publish the draft race rosters on Thursday prior to each race here.  The roster also highlights members who are currently suspended as a result of missed marshaling dates.

Members who have recently upgraded or have not previously raced this season should check the race roster to ensure they appear on the race roster as expected.

Rosters are finalized at noon on Friday so any outstanding issues with your USAC license information must be corrected before that time and reflected in our system.  We obtain an updated feed from USAC on Friday mornings and the race roster is based upon that information.

Please do not show up to a club race expecting to race unless you appear on the race roster – its is your responsibility to ensure your details are correctly reflected.

As a reminder to all members, your USAC license must state your licensed Club is CRCA.  If this is not the case, this can be corrected online by visiting, accessing ‘My USA Cycling”, selecting the ‘License Info’ and requesting a reissue of your license.

For help resolving any issues, please email both secretary[at] and membership[at] before Thursday 10pm to allow sufficient time to resolve.