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Last week, CRCA along with several other local cycling clubs, teams, and businesses who have a vested interest in ensuring cyclist safety in Prospect Park, sent a letter to the leaders of the Prospect Park Alliance, Department of Transportation, and other stakeholders, which pleads the case for why Prospect Park should be repaved for safety reasons. The letter addresses with specificity the most dangerous areas within the Prospect Park loop due to deteriorated road conditions, and points out the lack of a satisfactory repairs and response by officials. We are sharing this letter with CRCA members in hopes that you will help us in being vocal about this problem, and with enough pressure from park users, perhaps the park roads can finally be repaved.

We would urge you to post the attached copy of the final letter to your websites, Facebook pages, twitter accounts etc. to let your friends or customers know about the campaign we’ve begun to get the park road resurfaced. You can add a simple message or headline saying something like “Support the effort to repave the Prospect Park Loop: leading cycling groups have called on park and transportation management to repave the loop road by next spring.”

Post a quick message to the Prospect Park Alliance and City DOT saying you support the recent letter by cycling organizations and shops. Links provided below.

Thank you in advance for your support!



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Prospect Park Alliance:
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