The CRCA Coaching program’s Racing Skills course (coupled with online supplementary reading) qualifies as a 1 race or 1 point upgrade for Category 5 and Category 4 racers. This is ONLY for coaching sessions titled Racing Skills. No other coaching session qualifies at this time. However, the CRCA Coaching program continues to propose more sessions for approval. Stay tuned.

Quiz questions about the online information will be asked during the Racing Skills session. Be prepared.

Please RSVP to riderdevelopment[at] if you plan to attend.

  • Groups are limited to 12
  • See Coaching Schedule for session attendance requirements
  • Online curriculum will only be sent to those that RSVP

Racing Skills sessions are scheduled for:

May 17th
May 22nd
May 31st

If we have overflow, we will attempt to add more sessions.

June 2nd Weekend – A Bonus Weekend for Category 5 & 4

On the June 2nd weekend, a Cat 5 or Cat 4 racer could accumulate 3 races:

  • attend and finish the June 2nd Club race
  • attend the Racing Skills session June 2nd post-race
  • attend and finish the CRCA Floyd Bennett Field Road Race Sunday, June 3rd

The Long Explanation

New York State Bicycle Racing Association (NYSBRA) which includes your CRCA President, Rod Millott, as Treasurer has interpreted the USAC Rule 1D2 ( regarding upgrade races and points for Cat 5 and Cat 4 racers.

NYSBRA criteria

  • Up to 4 hrs training time
  • Taught by USAC licensed coach
  • Primarily classroom instruction with some on-bike drills

The CRCA Coaching program’s Racing Skills sessions with online information qualifies. Take advantage of it.