Graham Lang calm and collected at Maltese (photo: Andy Shen,

Not to be out done on their home turf by team Hot Tubes (North America?s big, bad Junior Squad of record for the past 10 years) CRCAJrDev fielded a team at the annual Lou Maltese Memorial Invitational. Lewis Almonte, Evan Cooper, Connor Sallee, Graham Lang and Pascual Caputy toed the start line with the greater New York area?s best amateurs. Seven laps of Central Park brought Jared Bunde (Mengoni) to the line first ahead of a large break. While CRCA JrDev did not make the split, they rode a strongly in their first ever high caliber Senior category 1-3 event. Connor Sallee delt with a tempest of elbows in the sprint finish run-in, crossing the line 32nd, 14th in the bunch.