Feb. 3, 2012

The meeting commenced at 7:30pm

  1. Approval of January minutes- APPPROVED
  2. Membership Update

Rod presented the current membership statistics as of February 5th:

  • Overall Membership (~420 members) exceeded that of last year at this time. This may be due to opening earlier this year.
  • Dino membership may exceed expectation.
  • New memberships are low, but it is still early.
  • Number of donors should reach expectations. It is already 72% of the predicted amount.
  • Member renewal fee increases February 15,2012- membership expected to increase within the next week.

The board is very optimistic about the membership numbers for this coming season. As of now, everything seems to be on track.

3. Team Cup & Boyd Cup Proposed rules for 2012

The board discussed and agreed on this year’s changes to team cup and Jim Boyd award points. The following topics were discussed in depth:

  • Board agreed to maintain the current protocol to award points only for the racers who place in the top seven positions.
  • Proposed CRCA Central Park race dates in which points will be awarded (listed on the current race schedule)– All approved.
  • The addition of open races (Grant’s Tomb Criterium, Bear Mountain Road Race, FBF Road Race, Alpine Hill Climb) as being applicable for points award. Each field will be scored separate (as absolute positions, not as relative CRCA positions) and awarded points accordingly. The board agreed to that these races should be included in the points allocation system.  The board changed the proposed protocol to include Women’s category 4 field to also be scored to be awarded points, in addition to the Women’s Cat 1/2/3 at Bear Mountain. Board also agreed that the master’s field will not be awarded Team Cup & Boyd Cup points.

4. Harlem Sponsorship

Harlem Criterium has requested the continued support of CRCA through a financial contribution to the race.  Rod discussed his recent meeting with John Eustice. In addition to brand recognition, the board agreed that involvement of our top teams/riders in the main race and ability to provide VIP access to our donor members are the key items for the club. The board discussed how the exposure of the CRCA in the Harlem criterium would be prestigious because it is both recognized as a National Criterium and by the NRC. The exact sponsorship amount has not yet been discussed and Rod will continue to further this with John and consult with the Board as necessary.

5. Cycling Protocol for Central Park – collaboration with NYCC

The NYCC has approached the CRCA asking to help establish a universal cycling protocol for Central Park. Rod presented the proposed protocol. The board agreed that there should be common etiquette to riding in the park. Although the rules presented in the protocol are not absolute, nor will they be enforced by the CRCA, deviations do have implications on the accessibility of the park for training and for races. The board agreed to support and publish the protocol on the CRCA websites with some minor changes.

6. Champion Systems Team code of conduct

The board also agreed to provide a hyperlink on the CRCA website directing members to the Champion System Code of Conduct, a “Pro-Pedestrian Street Code” document that the Team developed in connection with TA.

7. Open racing & sponsorship summary & updates

Matt updated the board on the current status of the proposed CRCA open races. All open races for except Fall Bear Mountain have been confirmed and secured with sponsorship.

8. Team update (status of new teams, team duty sign up etc.)

Sonny presented the list of new teams to join the CRCA, as well the team duties that some have agreed upon:

  • Westwood Velo
  • Wafels and Dinges/NYC Velo
  • CycleLife USA/GF Capital
  • Signature Cycles and Rockstar Games- Harlem Criterium
  • SixCycle RK&O
  • Echelon/Montecci
  • Bicycle Planet- Grant’s Tomb team duty
  • Major Taylor
  • Champion Systems p/b Stan’s NoTubes- Men’s Clinic
  • Innervation Fitness/ Stan’s NoTubes Women’s Racing

The complete list of new teams, as well as name changes, is thoroughly described on the CRCA website.

9. Marshaling signup update & considerations

Rob W. reported that the marshaling sign-up is going well.  Men’s skills session is filled to capacity, but there is still room in the women’s skills session. The board discussed the accessibility of the skills session to non-first year members. Board agreed that these members should be allowed to attend the session, but not awarded marshaling credits. Rob W. also discussed a surplus of marshals. A possible solution would be to allow some marshals (according to seniority) to aid in registration, and then allowed to race. Another proposed use of excess marshals would be to strategically overload certain areas of the field, i.e. finish lines.

10. Club race registration plan and ideas for improvement

Board discussed how to possibly streamline registrations.

  • Rod has purchased extra table to be used for registrations, which should enable the establishment of another line. 5 check-in lines in total
  • The excess of marshal could be potentially used for registration
  • Dino’s would have their own registration line, to be possibly grouped with the women’s line.
  • Shut down club registration a few days before the race. Board discussed how members would need to be warned about this prior to its installation.

For next year, the board discussed the possibility of using USA Cycling’s registration system for club races.  This has a significant advantage of enabling electronic waivers and series long electronic waivers which will greatly ease the work load on members and the club associated with registration; but will require a transaction fee to be paid to USAC cycling.  Rod will continue to evaluate and discuss with USA Cycling later in the year.

11. Upcoming events

Rod highlighted the upcoming CRCA events. Matt proposed holding the club numbers pick-up social event at Third and Long. Rod also proposed to approach sponsors to possibly provide free merchandise to the members at the numbers pick-up event.

12. Other matters

The board meeting concluded with the proposal of several ideas, none that concluded in any final decisions:

a. CRCA logo

Harry proposed revamping the CRCA logo. Keeping the general concept, but perhaps giving it a modern look.

b. Increase CRCA advertisement

In efforts to increase new membership, Harry proposed the production of flyer and stickers. The board agreed that this may be helpful and an avenue to possibly pursue. Also board discussed the possibility of including CRCA advertisements on websites etc. No conclusion was reached but it was agreed that Harry should evaluate and prepare some proposals for the board to consider

c. Website

Board agreed that the website has been successfully at increasing communication with members.  Matt discussed how he is preparing the site to include photographs from open races, as well as video finishes from all CRCA park races.

13. Next meeting March 5, location TBD (probably the upper Eastside….)