Ricky Lowe of WS United crossed the finish line first but after complaints that he advanced in the joggers lane, he was disqualified. That gave the win to Adam Myerson of Time Pro Cycling. Lisban Quintero of CRCA/Foundation took second with Adam Alexander of CRCA/Sakonnet third.

Sally Annis, NEBC /Cycle Loft won the women’s race with Stacey Jensen of Kissena second and Caryl Gale, CRCA/Comedy Central third. The race was marred by a crash before the final sprint that took out 6 riders.

The Cat 3 race was won by WS United’s Neil Bezdek. He was followed by Frank Arroya, CRCA/Axis and Scott Wisenbaker of CRCA/ Foundation followed.

Fred Mengoni helped add to the race excitement by offering a special $100 prime for the third lap winner. Tracy Wargo and Alex Betko helped out the podium placers with free jars of their homemade chamois cream, Ballocks for the men and Booty Balm for the women.

Full results can be found here