By Mark Purdy
Manager of Mechanical Services
Cadence Cycling & Multisport Centers NYC

Even though racing season is around the corner, we still have 2 more months of cold weather and surely, more ice and snow. Some winter weather tips:

  • Use harder rubber compound tires for training and off-season riding. Winter roads are dirtier and softer tires soak up glass and grit.
  • Wash off road salt immediately. While relatively safe for clearcoats and carbon; cables, screws, and skewers are succeptable to corrosion almost immediately.
  • Keep your seat tube and headset clean and lubricated. Salty water makes it?s way into these areas, dries and forms crystals that can seize parts together.
  • Use a heavier ?wet? style lubricant on your drivetrain. Dry lubes are fine for the summer, but wash off too fast to be useful at this time of year.
  • Replace your chain after 1500 miles, 1200 if you?re running a 10 speed (the angle wears the cassette faster). A chain will run you much less than an entire drivetrain by waiting too long.
  • Hold off changing cables and bearings until the roads clean up