A nice sunny cool morning was just right to get the club racing season going again. Foundation had an outstanding day, taking the first 4 spots in the A Field and first in the B Field. The morning also featured the annual Women’s Clinic.

A Field
1.Joshua Alexander,Foundation
2.Gavin Robertson, Foundation
3.Adam Alexander,Foundation
4.Alejandro Guzman,Foundation
5.Colin Prensky,Sanchez Houlihan-Lokey
6.Kevin Molloy, Empire
7.Chad Marion,Sanchez Houlhan-Lokey

B Field
1.Kennardo Dunn,Foundation
2.Abraham Soler, Foundation
3.Michael Jacaruso,Nyvelocity
4.Christophe Jammet, FGX
5.Chris Forsyth,Setanta
6.James Westman
7.Eric Kuo,Setanta

C Field
1.Ben Cornish
2.Andy Bateman
3.John Buenaventura
4.Steve Peters
5.Warren St. John
6.Robert Weitzner,Foundation