Typical early season, Belgium-style conditions greeted riders who braved it out for the first race of the season.  The rain was more of a constant mist and 2012 kits quickly lost their new look after the first lap and a trip down horseshit alley – Champion System rode a smart race by opting to wear last year’s Adler uniform and save their pristine, new kits for a better day……

After the first lap it was clear that at least half the B field had in fact slept in, despite pedaling their bikes slowly around the course.  The other half were sitting in.  But the C field set a quick pace and caught the napping B field by the end of the third lap where they crossed the line together and were passed.  We had thought about running a handicap race, but it would be B field trying to catch the C field, not the other way around.

Spectators agreed that this was an unfortunate day for any new C field riders to be racing – the pace was fast and the conditions less than ideal.  In that light, well done to the racers who stuck it out.  We believe that Glenn Hatrick took the win from JD Gauthier (Bicycle Planet Racing) and Sascha Kreidweiss – but, unlike the B field, their speed at the finish line made the numbers blurred and difficult to see, so stand by for confirmed placings…..

Meanwhile in the A field, an early break by Alan Rego (Champion Systems p/b Stans NoTube) and Chad Butts (EnduranceWERX) was established and quickly had a minute on the field.  The gap grew with each lap and although Foundation brought their riders forward in an attempt to reign in the break it was too little too late and they never really made a dent into the two minute gap.  Ultimately Alan got the jump on Chad before the line.  Zachary Koop (Blue Ribbon Translations) took the field sprint for third.

The women’s field saw plenty of attacking with riders attempting to form a break.  No group of riders got more than a few seconds however and in the final sprint, Kristin Lotito (Houlighan Lokey/Sanchez) held off Becca Schepps (Innervation Fitness/Stan’s NoTubes) and Danielle Koscki (Asphalt Green).  The strong showing by each of these teams bodes well for a competitive season of women’s racing.

The B field field sprint was taken by Noahl Gellner (Sids’s BikesNYC) from Leonard Gelati (FGX) and Mark Petimezas (Foundation).

Full results will be posted as soon as available.  This was our first trial for a new finish line camera and we are still tweaking the process – apologies that we did not get results out as quickly as we would have liked. Video of the finish and link to additional pictures can be found at this link.

Full Results

Team Cup Standings

Jim Boyd Standings

USA Cycling Results

A Field Winner: Alan Rego


W Field Winner: Kristin Lotito



Additional pictures

Are pictures, courtesy of Team Sixcycle-RK&O, are posted on the Team Sixcycle-RK&O facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/TeamSixcycle

Finish line videos are embedded below

A Field

B Field

C Field

W Field

On the bike race footage

Thanks to 9W Magazine and Team Sixcycle-RK&O for the following footage of the A and B Field finishes.  If you have other race pictures or video that you’d like to share, email openracing[at]crca.net

A-Field Finish, Courtesy of 9W Magazine: www.9WMag.com


B-Field Finish, Courtesy of Team Sixcycle-RK&O:www.facebook.com/teamsixcycle