Age: 17
Hometown: New York, NY
Category: 5 Road, 5 Track
Liam Quigley is a poster boy for several New York City grassroots cycling programs. He got his first racing bike through the Recycle-a-Bicycle youth training initiative, and he honed his speed and skills through the New York Cycling Club youth SIG program. Coming out of those structures, Liam turned around and created his own: the The Laguardia Cycling Association, a fledgling high school cycling club that now comprises over 30 members. The LAGCA serves as an entr?e to the sport for Liam’s colleagues at the famous NYC performing and visual art school. Liam is steadfast in using the bike in all its manifestations; he commutes daily from his Lower East Side home to school in the Lincoln Center area, organizes fun rides for his club, and turns up for a weekly thrashing on the road to Nyack. Liam is an unknown quantity on the bike, although early indications are that the man has the potential to climb hills with the best of them. Look for Liam on the starting line this season at CRCA club races and senior events in Organic Athlete team kit and the blue and white of the CRCA Junior Development squad in all area USCF open Junior Events.

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