CRCA is deeply saddened to learn of the collision involving a cyclist and a pedestrian in Central Park Thursday afternoon. Our collective thoughts are with Jill Tarlov and her loved ones during this very difficult time.

As we await further official details surrounding the incident, we would like to remind all of our members, and other park users, to be ever vigilant and considerate of each other while enjoying our park. This is especially crucial as Central Park becomes increasingly popular and more crowded as a result.

We strongly urge everyone to re-familiarize yourself with CRCA’s Code of Conduct and Central Park Protocol, as well as NYC Cycling-related Traffic Laws & Regulations. CRCA members agree to abide by these rules upon becoming members and these rules apply at all times, not just during CRCA races. Actions likely to endanger the wellbeing of others will not be tolerated. Identified CRCA members will be held accountable for violations of our Code of Conduct pursuant to the CRCA Bylaws. Police have communicated that enforcement of potentially dangerous riding will increase in the near future. In particular they will be focused on:

– Failure to yield to pedestrians
– Failure to stop at red lights
– Wearing headphones/earbuds in both ears

We need your help in spreading the word to all of your teammates and friends about the importance of how we conduct ourselves in Central Park. Most members are doing the right thing, but we know it only takes one moment of bad judgment from one individual to cause major problems for all of us.

Please remember that as members of CRCA, we are an extraordinarily visible and identifiable group, and therefore, each of us serves as an ambassador for the group. With that in mind, please be attentive and courteous to other park users in every circumstance – let’s be positive ambassadors.

Thank you for your help in this group effort.

– CRCA Board

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