CRCA is proud to announce the presentation of Sixcycle Jim Boyd Leader jerseys (and shorts) to the leaders of the Jim Boyd (A and W field) competition this year.

Jim Boyd Award Leader Jersey

Jim Boyd Award Leader Jersey

Beginning with the 3rd race in the series, leaders in the A and W fields will be required to race in the Sixcycle Jim Boyd Leader’s kit so long as he/she is the leader.

In the event of a tie, the rider with the highest placed points earning finish in the most recent race will be declared the leader.

The Sixcycle Leaders jersey was designed by  CRCA member Ron Ferraz who is also responsible for the recently published Orchard Beach Criterium Poster.

Tremendous thanks goes out to Sixcycle, our primary sponsor for the Jim Boyd competition, and Champion System for providing the Leader jerseys and bibs. Their support of CRCA and New York City bike racing is greatly appreciated.


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Jim Boyd Award Leader Shorts

Jim Boyd Award Leader Shorts

For coaches, the Sixcycle Training Platform provides tools to manage athlete, workout, and annual training plan libraries, as well as client correspondence and billing, along with the administration and reporting of performance testing and the development of training zones, among many other functions. Designed for efficiency, the Sixcycle Training Platform allows coaches to spend their time working on athletes instead of working on calendars.

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