CRCA will be holding an open time trial on Sunday June 8 at Floyd Bennett Field.

CRCA dinosaurs race for free. Everyone else pays $10. Register at Racing starts at 8:00 am. Riders will be notified of start times the day before the race.

Last year Dan Zmolik won both time trials at Floyd Bennett. Besides having superior talent here’s what he says it takes to win at Floyd.


You need a good warm up. You need to ride for around an hour at around endurance pace and throw in a few 3 minute intervals at race pace. 2-3. Finish this around 10 minutes before the start and then spin till it’s time to go.


It is a relatively short race, so I take around 1 minute to allow my HR to reach the high end of my threshold zone. This is very important part. Don’t go too hard. Sprint for 5-6 sec. then get aero and slowly reach your HR zone, or settle into your power zone if riding with a power monitor.

Next thing. FBF is always windy. Go a bit harder into the wind and recover a little with a tail wind.

Stay aero. No need to ever leave your aerobars at floyd. And no need to take those corners wide either. Take them tight, pedal through, be on your aerobars.


I did almost all of my TT’s last year with pair of tubular Zipp 404’s. I used standard tires that I would use in a road race. No 19mm super thin tires. Floyd is rough, and you can only win if you finish.

I would not use a disc at Floyd. The surface is too rough, and I would be afraid of breaking it. Also if it is too windy it may be hard to concentrate on your effort and staying aero while being blown all over the place.