While we strive to maintain races that are as safe as possible, the reality is that crashes can and do occur.  When competing in permitted USA Cycling events, USA Cycling provides “excess” insurance coverage.  An overview of the policy is available here and all inquiries should be directed to USA Cycling.

Having properly completed release forms is important because it ensures that should the need arise, you are able to make a claim under the policy.  The release form is a legal document.  Please take the time to print a USA Cycling 2012 release forms, complete your personal details (all of them!) in legible writing.  Then make copies and have them ready for your next race or event.  This reduces the risk to YOU that you are denied coverage because of incomplete or eligible information.  This is your responsibility.

If you are involved in an incident at one of our events and you think you may need medical assistance (whether onsite or otherwise), you must notify an official so that an incident report can be completed.  This is critical.  You will not be able to claim under the policy if no incident report is made.  If a rider is taken by ambulance from an event, we will obtain information and ensure that an incident report is filed with USA Cycling; but for all other incidents, please report your injuries to the Chief Referee for the race. (For our races this is usually Alex).

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.