I’ve gotten tremendous feedback about the Alpine Hill Climb and the Bear Mtn. Seven Lakes Time Trial events.

One member wrote, “Thanks so much for putting on another great TT and TTT event. I think these past two races the club has put on could easily become standards in the race season.”

Another wrote “Even though I race for a Conn./Westchester based team I still continue to support CRCA (as an associate) becuase of events like this.” Another, “I had a blast at your race thanks.”
“Very fun event”, was the consensus view of the Alpine Hill Climb.

The Jonathan Adler team did a fantastic job at the Alpine Hill Climb. Most of the team members helping out even got to race.

Axis and Foundation helped make the Bear Mtn. TT possible. The Axis guys handled registration and helped with timing and then raced the TTT. Foundation brought 4 TTT teams to the event to race plus another 12 guys to marshal.

Axis had so much fun that after the race Paul Carbonara asked if they could do this every year.

Unfortunately we did not get enough teams to volunteer for the Bear Mtn. TT event and had to pay $400 for additional marshals.
The inability to get teams to help will impact our ability to put on future events.

I would hope that our members share my enthusiasm for the events we put on. The Spring Bear race is a major major highlight of the spring regional season. The TT’s this year were a lot of fun and raised the level of our TT events. (Yes, I miss the TT’s in the park but we have to make the most of what we can do). We want to have a successful Nancy Morgenstern Fall Bear Race and at least another Alpine event. We’re also helping out with the Harlem David A. Walker Memorial Race on June 21.

Volunteer for the upcoming events by sending an email teams[at]

We have around 30 sub-teams. So getting help for 6 or so events should not be a problem. People doing team duty can participate in all of these events, so it is not such an onerous task.

The club is only as good as it’s members and teams. I created this new section of the website to better enable teams to tell their own stories and to gain recognition for their sponsors. Send any team related info including info about sponosrs to mgreen36[at]

Club members have always stepped up to help, when they knew they were needed and I think we’ll see that continue. We have a great club, the greatest club in the country, and we can work together to make it even better.

Mike Green