Led by Evelyn Stevens’ win of the Women’s Pro/1/2 Stage Race, CRCA riders turned in some excellent performances at the 50th Longsjo Fitchburg Stage Race, the most prestigious race in the Northeast.

Race photos by Caroline Gaynor.

Daniel Zmolik, CRCA/Empire was sixteenth but second amateur in the GC for the Pro/1/2 race.

Ken Harris,CRCA/Jonathan Adler, won the crit in the Cat 2 race and took seventh in GC. Also in the Cat 2 race, Peter Hurst, CRCA/Rahpa, was 4th ,David Taylor,CRCA/Blue Ribbon, finished sixth and Kyle Peppo tenth in GC. In the circuit race, David Taylor took fifth and Kyle eighth. David also finished fifth in the road race with Kyle 14th.

Kurt Gustafsson, CRCA/Axis, got ninth in GC in the very tough Master’s race. Eutimio Quintera finished fourth in the crit.

Erica Adelberg, Evie’s Radical Media teammate, podiumed in the Women’s Cat 3/4 GC with third place. Third place in the TT was key to Erica’s podium finish. Fabienne Gerard won the final day’s crit and took third in the road race to finish sixth in GC. Also in the road race, Edie Perkins took fifth, Corrinne Karmiel eighth and Erica Adleberg tenth. Xieyue Fan, CRCA/Sanchez Houlihan-Lokey took eighth in the crit and 12th in GC. Corrine Karmiel was right behind in 13th in GC in the Women’s 3/4. In the circuit race, Fabienne Gerard got fourth and Kristin Lotito seventh.

Chris Leong, CRCA/nyvelocity finished second in the Cat 4 points race while Rick Hall, CRCA/Teany took tenth in GC. Abraham Soler,CRCA/Foundation got 4th in the circuit race. Abraham finished fourth in the road race with Steve Marmo,CRCA/Setanta 10th.