The 2013 CRCA racing season opened with a lot of familiar CRCA subteams and a few changes. This article focuses on some of the new arrivals, with the hope of adding more detail in some future stories.

Gabrielle Fisher racing for Amrita at Grants Tomb

Gabrielle Fisher racing for Amrita at Grants Tomb

Amrita Bars, a plant-based nutrition bar company that has helped sponsor CRCA teams like Stans NoTubes and RBNY, has become the name sponsor for the Amrita Racing Team. Right now the team is looking to supplement its roster with cat. 3 women racers, but anyone who is passionate about plant-based nutrition and looking for a team should email the team manager, arshad[at] Racers on the team get some of the Amrita product and are reimbursed for team kit charges after completing 10 races.

The Amrita Racing Team shares with some other CRCA teams like Wafels and Dinges an interest in combining CRCA road racing with other kinds of bike racing, like cross, triathlons and duathlons. Some other new CRCA subteams that share this commitment are the Velorigin and Empire Tri teams that just joined the CRCA this 2013 season. Velorigin grows out of coach Ian O’Brian’s coaching business and is actively recruiting new racers. Ian O’Brien is a level II cycling and triathlon coach from Britain (and head coach for the West Point triathlon team), and he has put together a large roster of new CRCA racers. Empire Tri Racing is a CRCA subteam offered by the Empire Tri club as part of a broader spectrum of coaching and training services.

The 2013 Siggi's NYVelocity Kit

The 2013 Siggi’s NYVelocity Kit

Velorigin and Empire Tri follow a model already developed  in 2005 by CRCA’s NYVelocity/Siggi’s subteam of offering new racers a package of coaching, training plans, and a schedule of team training rides. Siggi’s/NYVelocity already has a pretty full roster, so they are only recruiting additional new racers on a selective basis. But those interested can contact team manager, Alex Ostoy through the team website to find out what would be involved in joining this year or planning ahead to be part of the 2014 NYVelocity/Siggi’s cohort. As an example of what NYVelocity does, Alex mentioned that “We have started holding  practices on the Red Hook criterium course where we set up cones and practice drills we have been refining the past eight years. It’s been a big help to give new riders the skills and confidence to race safely and effectively.”

Asphalt Green is fielding three teams for 2013, each with their own roster and purpose. The AG men’s and women’s teams return, and they have added a new development team designed to introduce new athletes to training and racing with a structured, science-based approach. Matt Richards, who provides coaching and sponsorship for Sixcycle-RK&O and who formerly worked with NYVC/Siggis, has been brought on to lead the Cycling Program for Asphalt Green. All AG athletes receive coach-led group workouts and instruction along with individualized training programs. To find out more, email Matt Richards at mrichards[at]

ISF Team members helping each other out at Bethel

ISF Team members helping each other out at Bethel

Last year the story on CRCA Sub-teams for new racers advertised a team of 1 that has since grown to ten racers: ISF Global Textile Solutions/Indigo. Unlike some of the teams above, ISF is not built around a coaching program and does not charge a fee. Racers cover the cost of their kit. Todd Potter, the team manager, says that they are still recruiting and looking to “ride safe, clean, have fun and be a good sportsman.” Anyone interested in this kind of team option should contact Todd.

Several other teams featured in last year’s story on CRCA Teams for New Racers (found here) have changed in name and/or character. The former Organic Athlete team is now the Candle Cafe team and run by David Bowen. The Dave Jordan team continues after the loss of Dave under the management of Nigel Hall, but is not in a position right now to add new racers to its substantial roster.  What was once the Echelon Montecci team is now the Echelon Bicycles team.

Of course there is no requirement to be a part of a subteam in the CRCA, and the majority of its members are not part of one. In addition, this article makes no pretense to cover all of the subteam options for new racers. Anyone who is interested in a subteam in the CRCA should talk up one of its members at a race and find out more about it. Corrections or additions to this story are welcomed and should be sent to teams[at]