David Anthony of CRCA/BH continued his 2011 winning ways with another win in the

Soren Jensen on the Podium

opening 3 mile TT of the Cat. 3 field of the Tour of the Bahamas, Jan 28-29, 2012. Lest people think it was his equipment that did it, he says, “The TT was short and intense, only 3 miles, tail wind out, head wind back. Cannibal style, so no aero bars, aero helmets or discs allowed.” Unfortunately a mechanical toward the beginning of the following circuit race took him out of contention for the GC, but Soren Jensen of Rapha was able to secure a strong 3rd place showing in the overall GC competition. (see photo) Full results are here.

The Rest of Anthony’s account of the race follows —

“BH/Garneau had me in the 3s and Phil Penman and Erik Post in the 2s. Rapha just had Soren Jensen in the 3s, while AXA/Stan’s No Tubes had a full squad as well. It was cool to see some friendly faces from NY…We arrived the day before and got a little recovery ride in just before dark.  Then up and out by 7:00 am for a warm up ride out to the start line, which was 20 miles from the race hotel. First was the TT on Saturday morning – short and fast.  Then a four hour break until the 42-mile circuit race went off in the heat of the day at 1:30. After that we rode the 20 miles back to the hotel. That’s when we came upon guys selling coconuts and fresh conk salad on the side of the road and partook a nice coconut water recovery drink. The local hacks the top of a coconut off with a machete, and you drink the milk straight from the coconut. Up and out early again the next day for the 20 mile ride back to the

Bahamas Recovery Drink

start of the 74-mile road race, which was at the same place as the TT and circuit from the day before. It’s like a 3 hour Floyd session – flat, windy and strung out single file for most of the time.  Race pace in January is a little shock to the system – so we stop by our new friends with the coconut recovery drinks again, but this time we also hit the conk salad.  Yum.”