The weather’s heating up and so is the action in the club’s Team Cup and Jim Boyd competitions.  Saturday sees the only Time Trial event for the year to count for Boyd and Team Cup points, and a “Boyd Bonus” scratch race MET finish on Sunday for double points.

Floyd Bennett Time Trail Saturday

Based on registration to date (and the number of TT bikes dusted off for morning rides this week), it looks like all the top teams are planning on being out in force on Saturday.  Foundation and Adler are going to continue their ‘top of the table’ battle in the A field TTT.  A full B field will be contested by leaders NYVelocity with three teams, Foundation with three teams, Houlihan Lokey/Sanchez with two teams and SID’s with two teams.  Tarmac Cycling/Iron Bridge Consulting are hoping to spoil the CRCA party.

The women’s TTT will see leaders Houlihan Lokey/Sanchez battled it out with the second placed NYVelocity Women’s Racing Team.

In the individual TTT races, the Adler TTT team is hoping to back up for individual glory, with all four members entered in the P/1/2/3 ITT.  Fresh from his win two weeks ago and sitting in third place in the Jim Boyd standings, no doubt Greg Olsen will be screaming again as he crosses the finish line, leaving nothing on the course.  None of the other top Boyd contenders have registered, giving him the opportunity to take the lead.

The men’s B ITT looks to wide open with none of the current top Boyd Points contenders registered to race at this stage.  In the Women’s ITT, Raquel Miller will be looking for atonement and a possibly a move up to third place in the Women’s Jim Boyd standings.

Registration is still open at but closes at noon on Thursday.

Members Note: Boyd points will be determined by taking the times of all eligible CRCA members (i.e. racing members) for the A,B and Women’s field regardless of the actual event entered (Masters, Eddy etc.) and ranking based on their respective times.  For the TTT, each team can field multiple teams, but only the highest placed team’s points will count for Team Cup purposes.

MET Scratch Race Sunday

You know its June when your races start at 5:45 in the morning….The sprinters will be back in play *for a MET finish*.  8 laps for the A field, 7 for the B and 5 for the C.  Remember, double Jim Boyd Points…

The Women’s clinic starts at 6am.  Please be extra careful when passing the women’s field.

Please arrive in plenty of time with your release form completed and exact change as sign in.

Double check the preliminary race roster here on Thursday afternoon to confirm you are good to ride.