As we have recently highlighted, we have made great efforts to improve the value of CRCA membership and promote the growth of the club via reduced club race registration fees, a dramatically expanded social calendar (including monthly group rides) and an improved coaching program. Of course these efforts are dependent on a number of factors, including the continued success of our Open Racing calendar and good buy-in of Season Pass memberships, which allow us to more accurately match the fixed cost structure of our club racing calendar with upfront revenue forecasts.


But there is another equally important factor: the contributions of our Donor Members, who provide vital financial support to our community. As a not-for-profit and volunteer-run organization, the contributions of our Donor Members help maintain our extensive calendar of racing, coaching and social events, while also directly supporting our obligations to the CRCA Junior Development Program and the Central Park Conservancy. Without the support of our Donor Members, our revised free structure – which dramatically lowers the all-in cost of participating in CRCA – simply would not be feasible.

With this in mind we have made several enhancements to the Donor Membership program for 2015 with the hope of earning additional Donor Memberships for the coming season. The 2015 Donor Membership program now includes the following benefits:

  • All club race registration fees are included, as is the ability to sign a SINGLE waiver for the entire season. Access to the club’s coaching program is likewise included.
  • All Donor Members are excused from their 2015 marshaling obligations
  • All Donor Members receive FREE entry to the CRCA End of Season Party as well as access to exclusive VIP tickets for CPC events throughout the season.
  • A portion of your cost of Donor Membership is tax deductible as a contribution to the CRCA Junior Development Program and/or the Central Park Conservancy.
  • NEW: all Donors will receive a FREE redesigned CRCA jersey, in their choice of the standard CRCA yellow or the premium CRCA Blue (can be donated back to the club for use by qualified new members if desired).
  • NEW: after signing one season long waiver, Donor Members may register for CRCA Club Races via e-mail!

We hope these value enhancements increase interest in our Donor Membership program and we sincerely appreciate the support of all of our past Donor Members – your contributions help lower the cost of joining CRCA and help make the club what it is today. If you have any questions about Donor Membership, please reach out to clubracing[at]