The start of the 2010 season will see a brand new CRCA sub-team make its racing debut.

Fuoriclasse Racing – Discover Chiropractic will field a men’s and women’s team focused on local and regional races. The team’s sponsors are also our partners because of what they bring to the sport beyond their sponsorship dollars.

Fuoriclasse provides coaching and bike-fitting services to individuals who are dedicated to improving their cycling performance. You’ll hear more about this growing enterprise in 2010.

Many of the team members have worked with Discover Chiropractic of SoHo in the past few years with excellent results, men’s team captain David Taylor writes;

Chiropractic care has been a major part of my life for the past five years. The human body perched on a bicycle is basically an extension of the machine and that machine works most efficiently when all the moving parts are aligned properly and moving symmetrically. In our daily lives we partake in all sorts of activities that bend and twist our body out of its natural alignment – like sitting at a computer or carrying kids upstairs – chiropractic care serves to reset the human frame back to its natural state. In 2005 I was training hard for the season but felt underpowered on the bike, I literally felt like I was pedaling with one leg, it was then that I started working with Dr. Forgosh at Discover Chiropractic of SoHo and I haven’t looked back. No cyclist would dream of starting a race with a wheel out of true or with their handlebars clamped off-center so why settle for sub par performance because your body has been twisted out of shape by the rigors of daily life.

Champion Bicycle located at 105th and Amsterdam is the team’s bike shop. Owner Marcos Gratereaux is not only an excellent mechanic but also a cyclist who understands that racers demand perfect performance from their equipment together with fast, efficient service. Marcos will always go the extra mile to make sure that your bike is working perfectly and that it’s ready for your next race or training ride.

The team is starting small but will aim to add riders to its roster in 2010. If you’d like to learn more about us just stop us and ask at the race this weekend.

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