To further the club’s development goals CRCA is pleased to introduce several new women’s racing development events to the 2012 calendar.  These events include two new open racing series, a separate Women’s Cat 4 field at Bear Mountain and the return of the very successful women’s clinic.   With a total of seven dates on the calendar and the potential for more to be added as the year progresses these events present a terrific opportunity for new racers to join the sport and for current Cat 3/4 women to progress through the cycling ranks.

Bike Doctor NYC is the tile sponsor of several of these events.  Their sponsorship helps make the Women’s 3/4 and Women’s 4 Series possible.  For more information on Bike Doctor NYC please read below.


These events are open to non-CRCA members (with USAC licenses).  However CRCA members receive discounted entry to several of these events.  In addition CRCA members have access to the Club’s coaching and skills sessions that occur regularly throughout the season.  These sessions are one of the major benefits of CRCA membership and we urge women who are new to the sport to join the Club and consider attending these sessions.  The coaching schedule is available here: For more Information on CRCA membership visit:


Bear Mountain Spring Classic presented by IWF

Women’s 3/4 Series presented by Bike Doctor NYC

Women’s 4 Series presented by Bike Doctor NYC

CRCA Racing Women’s Clinic


Feel free to share the flyer below.  It is also available at this link:

Women’s Racing Development Sponsor

Bike Doctor NYC is title sponsor for CRCA’s 2012 Women’s Development Program, which includes the Women’s Development 3/4 Seriesand the Women’s 4 Series.  Bike Doctor NYC is also a sponsor for the Women’s Clinic. Bike Doctor NYC offers technical, educational and infrastructural cycling services. Check them out at