Masters Road Champ Gerarado Martinez

Masters Road Champ Gerarado Martinez

Road and TT Champ Lisban Quintero

Road and TT Champ Lisban Quintero

Women Team Cup - Radical Media

Women Team Cup - Radical Media

B  Champs Setanta

B Champs Setanta

CRCA has been holding awards ceremonies for a long time. In 1901, award winners according to the New York Times were presented with “solid gold medals.” While we longer can afford “solid gold” nor are our proceedings covered by the Times, 2008, our 111th season was one of our most successful.

Besides having a great competitive season for club honors, club members had over 100 podium finishes in the top Northeast regional races. Our two elite teams, Sakonnet and Empire also had outstanding seasons. Ann Marie Miller won three Masters National Championships and Ken Harris capped off three successful seasons as Club President by setting a new World Hour Record for Masters 40-45.

World Masters Hour Record Holder Ken Harris

World Masters Hour Record Holder Ken Harris

TT Champs - Miiler,Quintero,Harris

TT Champs - Miiler,Quintero,Harris

The Club Awards winners were –
A Team Cup – Foundation
W Team Cup – Radical Media
B Team Challenge – Setanta

Road Champion Men – Lisban Quintero
Road Champion Women – Sarah Sauvayre
Road Champion Masters- Gerry Martinez

TT Champion Men – Lisban Quintero
TT Champion Women – Ann Marie Miller
TT Champion 40+ – Ken Harris
TT Champion 50+ – Rob Stern

Womens' Jim Boyd Winner , Maggie Shirley

Womens' Jim Boyd Winner , Maggie Shirley

A Boyd Winner Alex Bremer

A Boyd Winner Alex Bremer

B Boyd Winner Matt Richards

B Boyd Winner Matt Richards

Jim Boyd Award – A Field – Alex Bremer
Jim Boyd Award – Women – Maggie Shirley
Jim Boyd Award B Field – Matt Richards

This year we had two rookies who really distinguished themselves, Evie Stevens and Colin Prensky.

Evie Stevens

Evie Stevens

As a new Cat 4, Evie won Unionvale, took second in the Giro del Cielo Stage Race, took first in the tour of the Hilltowns ¾ , won the Cat ¾ Green Stage Race and took second in the Women’s Tour of the Catskills Stage Race. In just four months of racing , Evie went from a Cat 4 to a Cat 2.

Colin couldn’t get enough of the sport. In his first year , he excelled on the road , on the track and in cyclocross. Colin started the year by winning the first C race and the first Cat 5 Spring Series race. By April he won the B race and by the end of May he was placing in the A field. As a Cat 4 , Colin won Jiminy Peak and came in second at Bear and Housatonic Hills. In his first Cat 3 race, he took sixth in GC at Fitchburg. On the track , he was New York State Cat 4 Champion and finished tied for second overall in the kilo. In cyclocross he podiumed in the Cat 2 race at the prestigious Whitmore’s Cup and won the Cat 2 race at Staten CX. He ended the year as a 3 on the road and a 2 in cyclocross.

This year also saw major developments in open races in the City.

CRCA got John Eustice involved in Harlem and he delivered with the best Pro field in many years and coverage by WCSN , now Universal Sports, on the internet and cable. Sadly David Walker, who created and promoted the race for 35 years passed away in July.

Christophe Jammet , Jed Kornbluh and John Cutler put on the first X race in years and did a masterly job. Great race, great food, coverage in the Times and perfect totally gross Belgium like weather.

It’s no accident that some of the best programs in the country keep emerging from CRCA, from Hot Tubes, Lipton, Advil/Chapstick to Sakonnet and Empire.

Empire and Sakonnet had a great 2008.
Empire’s Jon Chodroff won the Elite National TT title. Sheldon Deeny podiumed in major NRC races including the Tour of Utah. Sakonnet’s Jake Keough contended for the lead in the Georgia Crit Series leading to his early signing by Kelly. Ryan Baumann placed in the top 5 in Nationals U23 TT wearing CRCA colors. Gavi Epstein salvaged an injury plagued season by taking the U23 jersey at the Tour of Hong Kong Shanghai.
Matt Koschara did a great job taking over from Basil Moutsopoulos and is very thankful for CRCA’s support, especially Ben Harris’ initiative to get the team to Nationals. Matt and the team are very appreciative to all who contributed. Unfortunately 2008 was the last season for the program.
In all 6 riders got Pro contracts for 2009. Empire’s Chodroff joining Floyd Landis’ Ouch/Maxis (formerly HealthNet) and Sheldon Deeny to Bissell. Sakonnet sent Jake Keough and Cheyne Hoag to Kelly Benefits and Guy East and Ryan Baumann to Livestrong , the new espoir team coached by Axel Merckx.

Club Champion Lisban Quintero also made his mark in NRC races, getting 4th in the Bank of America Wilmington Crit and winning a stage in the Tour of Hong Kong Shanghai.

Among CRCA women Elena Leznik moved from a Cat 3 to a Cat 1 and rode competitively in major stage races, finishing first among CRCA women at both Fitchburg and Green Mountain.

Below is a list of CRCA podium finishes in major regional races. Apologies to anyone inadvertently left out.

Columbia Crit
Maggie Shirley – 1st place Columbia Crit – W 1/2/3/

Mike Margarite – 1st place Battenkill Cat 2
Matt Howard – 3rd place Battenkill 30+
Doug O’Neill – 1st place Battenkill 50+
Maria Quiroga – 1st place Battenkill W ¾
Lewis Almonte – 2nd place Battenkill Juniors

Maria Quiroga – 3rd place W

Maria Quiroga – 2nd place W

Jiminy Peak
Mike Margarite – 2nd place P/1/2
Rob Lattanzi 3rd place 35+
Anthony Hall – 1st place Cat 3
Colin Prensky – 1st place Cat 4

Bear Mountain
Matt Johnson – 1st place P/1/2
David Taylor – 2nd place 35+
Colin Prensky – 3rd place Cat 4
Deb Kilmon – 1st place W 4
Alejandra Madrinan – 2nd place W 4
Corinne Karmiel – 3rd place W 4

Jake Keough – 3rd place P/1/2
Jamie Nicholson-Leener – 1st place W
Gavin Robertson – 3rd place 35+
Karl Roesler – 3rd place Cat 3 (Double suspended)
Jaime Garcia – 2nd place Cat 4

Connor Sallee – 1st place Juniors
Colin Prensky – 2nd place Cat 4
Adam Zimmerman – 1st place Cat 4/5

Giro de Jersey Stage Race

Mike Margarite – 1st place P/1/2
Lisban Quintero – 3rd place P/1/2
Sal Abbruzzese – 2nd place Masters

Ryan Tie 1st place /1/2/3
Ken Harris – 2nd place 1/2/3
Stephen Lindholm – 1st place Cat 4
Colin Prensky – 2nd place – Cat $
Kimani Nielsen – 3rd place Cat 4
Tracy Wargo – 2nd place W – 4

Elena Leznik – 3rd place W 1/2/3
Brian Gabele – 3rd place Cat 4
Evelyn Stevens – 1st place W 4
Corrine Karmiel – 3rd place W4
David Taylor – 1st place 35+
Mark Alden – 2nd place 35+

Cheyne Hoag – 1st place Cat 2 GC
Jon Chodroff – 1st place P/1 TT
Greg Olsen – 2nd place TT Cat 3
Brian Gabele – 3rd place TT Cat 3
Alejandro Guzman – 2nd place Stage 4 Cat 2

Giro del Cielo Stage Race
Alejandra Madrinan – 1st place W 4
Evelyn Stevens – 2nd place W4
David Carr – 3rd place Cat 4/5

New Britain Crit
Alex Bremer – 3rd place P/1/2
Connor Sallee – 2nd place Junior
Chris Chaput – 1st place Cat 3
Gary Steinberg – 2nd place Cat 3
Thomas Brown – 1st place Cat 5

Tour of The Hilltowns
Evelyn Stevens – 1st place W ¾
Ashley Prine – 2nd place W ¾
Matt Cuttler – 1st place Cat 4
Doug O’Neill – 1st place 50+

Ann Marie Miller – 1st place W
Elena Leznik – 3rd place W
Jordan Strober – 3rd place Juniors
Brian Gabele – 1st place Cat 3
Greg Olsen – 2nd place Cat 3

Capital Region Road Race
Tony Slokar – 1st place – Cat ¾
Michael Boardman – 2nd place Cat 4
David Taylor – 2nd place 35+
Doug O’Neill – 2nd place 50+
Gaby Fisher – 3rd place W4

New York State TT Championships
Patrick Littlefield – 3rd place 40-44
George Suter – 2nd place – 45-49
Ellen Moses – 1st place W

Mengoni Grand Prix
Lisban Quintero – 1st place P/1/2
Adam Alexander – 2nd place P/1/2
Frank Arroyo – 2nd place Cat 3
Scott Wisenbaker – 3rd place Cat 3
Caryl Gale – 3rd place W

Green Mountain
Brian Gabele – 1st place GC Cat 3
Evelyn Stevens – 1st place W ¾
David Taylor – 2nd place 40+
Evelyn Stevens – 1st place prolog W 3/4
David Taylor – 3rd place – prolog 40+
Doug O’Neill – 2nd place prolog 50+
Matt Cuttler – 1st place Stage 1 Cat 3
Greg Olsen – 3rd place Stage 1 Cat 3
Evelyn Stevens – 2nd place Stage 1
Geoff Bickford – 2nd place Stage 1 50+
Brian Gabele – 1st place Stage 2 Cat 3
Evelyn Stevens – 1st place Stage 2 W ¾
Lisa Force – 2nd place Stage 2 W ¾
Corrine Karmiel – 3rd place Stage 2 W ¾
David Taylor – 3rd place 40+
Chris Chaput – 2nd place Stage 3 Cat 3
Evelyn Stevens – 3rd place Stage 3 W ¾

Tour of the Catskills
Elena Leznik – 1st place W
Evelyn Stevens – 2nd place W
Gregg Galletta – 2nd place 30+
Kurt Gustafsson – 3rd place 30+

Dan Zmolik – 1st place P/1/2/3