By now you’ve probably already seen the Race Predictions for the $10,000 CRCA Dave Jordan Central Park Classic. With those predictions in place its time to move on to the second leg of the CRCA Dave Jordan NYC Omnium Stage Race: the FBF Classic.

If you haven’t already registered for the CRCA FBF Classic you may do so on Bikereg, but move fast because registration closes soon!

FBF Classic Men’s Championship Field

The Men’s Championship field at the CRCA FBF Classic should be as excited as ever, with the projected victor being Waclaw Godycki (Mt Borah/Minerva Design p/b Basso) who is projected to finish just ahead of Tour of Somerville Master’s 45+ winner Alessandro Matteucii (CRCA/BH Comedy Central).

Rounding out the podium is 2012 CRCA Orchard Beach Criterium Champion Greg Olsen (ChampSys p/b Stan’s NoTubes) who will also be racing on Saturday and as such may be chasing a win in the CRCA Dave Jordan NYC Omnium Stage Race.

Just behind Greg in the projected results are the CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing duo of Anthony Taylor and Chris Strumolo who is currently leading the CRCA Jim Boyd Competition and thus wearing the Sixcycle-Champion System pink leader’s jersey. It looks like CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing will be the largest team in the race so it will be interesting to see what team tactics they employ.

Another rider who may be looking to take victory in the CRCA Dave Jordan NYC Omnium Stage Race is Brian Breach (GS Mengoni USA) who is projected to finish in the top ten on Saturday and sixth on Sunday.

FBF Classic Women’s Championship Field

Following up on the ~60 woman field at the CRCA Dave Jordan Central Park Classic the FBF Classic Women’s Championship Field is shaping up to be a battle of CRCA teams with CRCA/Asphalt Green Cycling Team and CRCA/Radical Media leading the charge with four riders each registered for Sunday.

The projected winner on Sunday is Jacqueline Parker (Radical Media) who most recently finished ninth at the Killington Stage Race.  The projected podium is rounded out by teammate Laura Lee Vo (CRCA/Radical Media) who finished slightly behind Jacqueline at the Killington Stage Race in 13th and Carol-Lynn Mills (CRCA/Houlihan Lokey) who most recently was in action at the Tour of Somerville.

The projected fourth place finisher is Danielle Kosecki (CRCA/Asphalt Green Cycling Team) who finished second in the W1/2/3 field at the CRCA Orchard Beach Criterium.

Women’s Cat 4

As another stop in the CRCA Women’s Cat 4 Series p/b Rockstar Games / Signature Cycles there are important points on the line in this exciting series, particularly given some of the riders who enjoyed early success in the series don’t appear to be registered for the CRCA FBF Classic.

The two top slots on Sunday are projected to go to CRCA/Houlihan Lokey with Julia Simon slotting into first following her 5th and 6th place finishes at the CRCA Orchard Beach Crit (in the W4 and W3/4 fields, respectively) and Alie Giaime in second following her 2nd place finish in the W4 field at the Women’s Woodstock Cycling Grand Prix.

Rounding out the podium is Anna Mumford (CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing) who finished fourth in the W4 field at the CRCA Orchard Beach Crit. Just behind Anna in the projected results is Lucia Deng (CRCA/Rockstar Games/Signature Cycles) who most recently won the W4 criterium at the Tour de Syracuse.

Men’s Cat 3/4

The Men’s Cat 3/4 sees a healthy field of approximately 40 riders including big squads from CRCA/Sixcycle-RK&O and CRCA/FGX Racing. According to Road Results the race winner is going to come from that first squad, with Deverell Smith (CRCA/Sixcycle-RK&O) projected to take the win  following his recent 4th 6th place in the Tour of Somerville.

Just behind Deverell is his teammate Matthew Vandivort (CRCA/Sixcycle-RK&O) who will mostly likely be running around like a chicken with his head cut off all day for reasons that have nothing to do with the Men’s Cat 3/4 race.

Rounding out the projected podium is Lance Sniadowski (Flying Ace Cycling) who has already enjoyed success at FBF this year with a 5th place finish at the Regional Orthopedics Tuesday Night Race Series.

There are a number of squads bringing three riders to the race including CRCA/BH Comedy Central with James Mahlmann projected to finish fourth and MANPOWER BIKE.

This race will also see a number of riders double up on the early Men’s Cat 4 field including Noah Gellner (CRCA/Foundation) and Oliver Davis (CRCA/Sixcycle-RK&O) so it would be great to see some of these riders put in another strong performance in their second race of the day.

Men’s Cat 4

The racing action will kick off on Monday with the Men’s Cat 4 and Men’s Cat 5 fields.  These are currently some of the larger fields of the day which should make for some exciting race action, particularly for those Cat 4 racers who are looking for the podium in the CRCA Dave Jordan NYC Omnium Stage Race.

For the Men’s Cat 4 field the Road Results super computers are picking Chris Williams (CRCA) as the race winner, but the super computers appear to be confused by the identity of Chris Williams – either he is an NYC based cyclist who enjoyed some early season success racing in the NYC Spring Series as a Cat 5 or he is a professional racing for Novo Nordisk across the Eastern United States. But either way he is the predicted winner for Sunday.

The confusion continues with projected second place finisher Brian Sullivan (CRCA/Setanta) who Road Results has confused with Brian Sullivan of the Midwest based Spin Zone Racing team.  However when the super computers come to the third step of the projection podium the identity confusion is cleared up as Noah Gellner (CRCA/Foundation) is picked for an expected third place finish. Combined with the projected results for the CRCA Dave Jordan Central Park Classic this would put Noah in prime position for the CRCA Dave Jordan NYC Omnium Stage Race win. Though no pressure Noah.

Slotting in behind Noah are Ollie Davis (CRCA/Sixcycle-RK&O) who most recently finished fifth at the Tour of the Battenkill and Manuel Frias (Montecci Cycling) who finished seventh at the Orchard Beach Criterium and just cleared the wait list at the CRCA Dave Jordan Central Park Classic and thus may threaten the podium for the CRCA Dave Jordan NYC Omnium Stage Race.

And while they don’t feature high in the projected race results, CRCA/Arc Racing currently has the biggest team in the field with four racers led by Ian Lieberman who is the highest projected finisher from the squad.  Brooklyn Velo Force, CRCA/Foundation and CRCA/Setanta are also sending three man squads to the race which may help shape race tactics.

Men Cat 5

The Road Results Men’s Cat 5 field race predictions are always hit or miss due to limited race histories and for projected winner John Kim (unattached) this appears to be another case of mistaken identity.

Behind John, Road Results predicts that the podium will be rounded out by Samuel Hamilton (CRCA/Foundation) who recently finished third at the Tour of Dragons including a win in the TT and a win in the circuit race and Brendan Rigby (Kissena Cycling Club) who finished an impressive fourth in the Men’s 4/5 field at the Orchard Beach Criterium.

Rounding out the projected top four is Ben Boehmke (CRCA/Waffels and Dinges) whose most recent result is 10th at the Tour of the Battenkill.