Evie Stevens, CRCA/Radical Media wins W/1/2/3, Kyle Peppo CRCA/Jonathan Adler takes 1st in Cat 3, Fabienne Gerard of CRCA/Teany wins the women’s 3/4. Alistair Siebert Setanta wins a Cat 4 race. Chris Leong Cat 5 under 35, Dave Anthony,CRCA/nyvelocity takes Cat 5 35+, at Battenkill. Matt Richards, CRCA/Pacifico-Hincapie took 3rd in a Cat 4 race.Mitchell Jacaruso, CRCA/Nyvelocity took second behind Anthony in the 35+ Cat 5 race.

2009 Battenkill Results.

2009 Battenkill Pro Race Results

Maggie Shirley on the W/1/2/3 race.

Alistair Siebert on winning the Cat 4 race.

David Anthony Cat 5 winner.

Chris Leong Cat 5 under 35 winner .

Evan Cooper, a 2008 CRCA/Jr Dev rider finished 2nd in a Cat 3 race riding for Tufts Univ.

Maggie Shirley aided Evie’s win, coming in 9th in the W/1/2/3.


For Fabienne Gerard “Battenkill was my first cycling team experience : the men and women of the team organized to share a ride to Cambridge, to stay at a teammate’s parents, to eat and prepare for the race together… It was just a wonderful team time and team effort! I loved the experience, I truly enjoyed the circuit of the race, and I am discovering that I love racing!”

CRCA/Empire held their own in the P/1 race with John Minturn taking 9th, followed by John Loehner 12th and Alex Bremer 20th.


Evelyn Stevens, CRCA/Radical Media added the Battenkill Women’s 1/2/3 race to her fast growing list of racing accomplishments. Racing only since last May’s CRCA Women’s Clinic, Evie has won or placed in almost every race she’s entered, no matter the category. She started this year with a win in the Valley of the Sun road race and a second in the crit. Against top level NRC competition at Redlands, she placed 14th in the TT.