CRCA Board Meeting Minutes

February 3, 2015 at 6:30 PM

300 E. 85th St.

Present: Liz Marcello (president), Tomi Ketcham, Alexis Kraft, Lisa Vandivort, Lucia Deng, Ann Marie Miller, Randy Locklair, Matthew Vandivort, Joe Grgic, and David Carr (secretary).

The board received pre-meeting reports by email on club racing, new racer orientation (Tuesday, March 3, 7-8:30 PM at the New School, 13th Street between University and 5th, room TBA), the finding of a host housing coordinator, developments in the junior program, Facebook events and branding.


Matters Discussed and Voted

1)            Branding: the board voted approval of a proposal for brand logo and assets.

2)            Relationship with Central Parks Conservancy (CPC) and cycling protocol:

Liz and Lucia participated in roundtable discussions, where there has been some concern on the part of CPC about the part of our protocol that suggests that “fast training rides” can be done between the hours of 5-8 AM. Discussions with CPC leadership have produced reassurances that this does not mean that CPC will move to prohibit cycling in the park.

Also, the Parks Department recently withdrew two dates that had previously been approved, resulting in some last minute changes to the racing calendar. This, in addition to moving the Dave Jordan Classic race up one week (as a compromise with a local promoter) results in the following changes to the 2015 CRCA racing calendar. We hope these are the last ones.

5/31 – NEW date, Dave Jordan Central Park Classic

6/06 – existing date, but changing to a Club Race from DJ CPC

7/11 – CANCELLED due to parks

7/18 – CANCELLED due to parks

7/26 – existing date, but changing to Mengoni from club race

8/22 – NEW date, club race

At the January CPC roundtable meeting, Liz also spoke with Deputy Inspector Corey (CP Precinct), who emphasized that she has an “open door policy” and is happy to discuss any questions/concerns related to enforcement or dangerous behavior in the Park (including cop cars, regular vehicles, etc.). Any club members who have concerns should feel free to contact a board member with specific information (time, date, concern) and Liz will follow up with DI Corey.

3)             Update on open racing:

The board reviewed needs for open racing. A key need is to have a new person, in addition to Sergio, who has a permit to drive in the park during closed times. We also need to line up team duty for transport of equipment for Grants Tomb, and marshal or other staffing for overnight supervision of removal of cars, distribution of flyers around Grants Tomb before the race, post-race cleanup at Grants Tomb, registration prep.

4)            2015 CRCA TT Championship

The board voted to approve the August 9, 2015 Silvermine TT run by Westwood Velo as the club championship and the TTT will be advertised as part of the team cup competitions. We will also provide marshals for an extra turn at Sebago if the course can be extended there.

5)            Clarification of 40+ masters team cup Bear

Matthew Vandivort clarified that racers who wish their finish to count toward the new 40+ Masters Team cup will need to register for the 35+ Cat. 1-4 field. The 40+ club racer results will be tallied for the cup points from this field, not the 4/5 masters field.

6)            Exception to the team rules about requiring more than 50% racing members.

The board received a request from CRCA team Zitto e Pedale for permission to all join as associate members and race as CRCA/ Zitto e Pedale, since they race cat. 4 masters races that are not represented in our club race calendar. The board approved this request on that basis.

7)            Sponsorship update:

Lisa Vandivort updated the board on numerous developments, including a name sponsor for the Bear Mountain race (details to be announced soon) and the search for sponsors for social events, race jerseys, etc. On race jerseys, Tomi Ketcham will be the point person following up on information gathered by Randy Locklair and consulting with Matt Vandivort about branding requirements.

8)            Request by the Weather Channel team for exception to the team rule requiring CRCA to be listed first in registrations by CRCA team members for open races.

The CRCA sub-team rule that was the basis for the request read as follows:

  1. Inclusion of CRCA in team name:

10(a) Except as outlined below, all registration and publicity of sub-teams at club and open races shall include the name “Century Road Club Association” or “CRCA”, as follows: “CRCA/Your Team Name”.
10(b) The only exception to 10(a) is in the case of a team that has received advanced permission from the Board at the time of team registration each year. The Board will only grant such an exception to teams operating at the elite level. In making this determination the Board will review the team’s roster of riders, planned race schedule and sponsorship arrangements. Where an exception is granted, all registration and publicity of the sub-team shall be as follows “Your Team Name/CRCA”.

The board discussed the importance of CRCA branding being featured by elite CRCA riders from multiple teams in the club (including Weather Channel, and others) and decided against approving the Weather Channel request.

In addition, the board discussed the reasons for the development of the exception in 10.b. and decided to eliminate this exception so that the policy is clear and uniform for all teams in the club.

9)            Upcoming events:

The board reviewed upcoming events, including group rides on the first Saturday of every month (weather allowing), number pick-up parties (Thursday the 19th of Feb. and the following Tuesday the 24th, 6:30-9:30 PM). For the social rides, the board affirmed they will be done at a “social pace” with smaller groups to go ahead. Tomi and Joe will be involved in the first ride or two and develop guidelines that might be used for future teams doing the social rides as a team duty. Waivers must be brought and signed.

10)            Question of Season Pass and Women’s Development Series:

The board voted that the CRCA Season Pass will apply to the club races that are part of the 2015 CRCA Women’s Development series. CRCA women who have already purchased racing memberships can contact Randy Locklair to upgrade their membership to the Season Pass.

11)            Student member pricing

We have substantially reduced the cost of racing with the “Season Pass” and need to see how the economics workout before adding discounts in future years.

12)            Update on Rider Development and Coaching

Alexis Kraft secured space and booking for a New Racer welcome and orientation on March 3 (details above). Mikael Hanson has been recruited to help with coaching and will begin in April, including coaching the 2nd clinic. Other experienced racers may help with orientation as well.

Liz will ask Nico Leon Moser if he is able to coach the 1st men’s clinic since Mikael is not available for that date (Nico confirmed 2/09)

David Carr remains ready to collaborate with Ann Marie on publicizing the CRCA coaching program as its shape becomes clear.

13)            Update on Membership

  • Member numbers is better than last year
  • 2/3’s of members are going for Season pass
  • 20 donor members toward our 35 person goal
  • Dollar donations are up, compared to previous years
  • As of today 65 people had customer service, USA Cycling loader.
  • Strategies for growth: targets for talking to other clubs in city (on Google spreadsheet).

Randy Locklair will share spreadsheet for jersey, spreadsheet for talking with other groups, contact others for social rides. We need to publicize the member referral program: remind that if you refer new member to club, get code for $15 credit off CRCA open race.

Respectfully submitted: David Carr, Secretary