Latest update on the recovery process in Central Park. Contributions can be made directly to the CPC Fund or to the Conservancy donations in the member’s section of the CRCA website.

Dear Friend,

The storm that ripped through sections of Central Park Tuesday night may have lasted mere moments, but it has left a trail of damage that will take months for the Central Park Conservancy to repair, and hundreds of thousands dollars to clean-up and restore the affected landscapes.

More than 200 trees have been uprooted or destroyed, and the storm’s impact on the precious landscapes and the ecosystems they support will be felt for years. The damage can be viewed by clicking here. More than 60 Conservancy operation staff, 17 contractor crews, and Conservancy volunteers are engaged in the difficult mission of repairing the Park.

From an economic standpoint, this devastating event could not have come at a worse time for the Park. Since January, the Conservancy has been operating on a reduced budget. We need your support now more than ever. Please act today!

Click here to make a donation to the Central Park Conservancy’s clean-up efforts, or call 212-310-6607.

We will continue to update you on a regular basis. Thank you for your support.


Douglas Blonsky
President, Central Park Conservancy and Central Park Administrator