1. June Coaching Schedule

This month’s coaching schedule is now up:

Our coaches are offering sessions on long term power, breakaways, and sprinting, as well as the regular new member racing skills.

2. Kissena Velodrome Improvement Survey

The survey will be used to raise awareness of needed funds to improve the Kissena Velodrome.

3. Discounted Tune-ups from Grand Bicycle Center

Grand Bicycle Center is offering CRCA members discounted pre-race tune-ups. This includes a full drive-train cleaning, as well as a comprehensive fine-tuning of components.





1. NYC Pride Ride

CRCA subteam OutCycling is hosting its fourth annual NYC Pride Ride on Sunday, June 12, 2016. The ride has 30, 60, and 100 mile options, and is an official Heritage of Pride event.

The ride will have SAG support, feed zones, and a finish line festival. There will be a full-out lunch at Rockland State Park for the 60 and 100 mile options.

For the CRCA discount code, please use CRCA16.



Nothing so far!


(Photo credit: Bicycle Racing Pictures).

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