As an additional service to our members, the results of club races will now be posted to the USA Cycling’s Results and Rankings.  At the beginning of this year we commenced the uploading of results (including all starters) for the C field to assist with upgrade process for our Category 5 racers.  This has proved extremely helpful.  The process is relatively simple and we have now uploaded the results (top 7 only) for the A, B and women’s fields and plan to continue to do so.

Although the club races DO NOT count for upgrade points from Category 4 and above, the races DO count for USAC’s rankings points.  The rankings points assigns points for placing achieved and the number of points and how deep they are awarded depend on the Category of the race.

To view current rankings, click here.  These rankings are dependent upon the completeness of results submitted, which is entirely dependent upon the promoter.  A couple of notable highlights in the New York State Rankings as of July 1:

  • Greg Olsen leads Men’s Category 1  for criterium races
  • Kevin Rooney leads Men’s Category 2 for road races
  • Abraham Soler leads Men’s Category 2 for criterium races
  • Kristin Lotito leads Women’s Category 3 for road races