This Saturday’s club race features the Men’s Masters Race.  This race will replace the A field and is open to members in the 40+, 50+ and 60+ age groups (there is no 30+)  The three groups will race as one field.  If you think you might have placed in the top 3 for your age group, please go back to the registration area and help us piece together the results… There will be separate pay-outs for each of the three masters groups.  A field riders cannot ride in the B field.

Any racers that start in the Master’s field and cannot subsequently jump into the B field or C field regardless of which field you ordinarily race in.

The B, C and Women fields will race  as usual and the B and Women’s races will count for Jim Boyd and Team  Cup points. The finish line for all races is at Tavern on the Green.  C field will continue to race for the glory of winning a Cat 5 race.  C field riders please note that it has come to our attention that USAC rules prohibit us from paying cash prizes for placing in Category 5 races (even at a club only race) and we will no longer be doing so.  If you have your ten mass-start races and need help processing your upgrade to Category 4, please contact secretary[at]

The race rosters will be posted later today and updated again tomorrow here.